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What exactly is The Art Bowl?

The Art Bowl stands for all the white walls of Europe, that are in desperate need of beautiful art. The Art Bowl is an online platform where unique digital art images are made available in a limited edition. From design to photography if is made on a digital machine; it can be found on The Art Bowl.

Digital art is a form of contemporary art, where the computer plays a pivotal role. The images and graphics are created by graphic designers, art directors and talented students. The works and creations are often commissioned or produced as a hobby but rarely are designed with the intention to be labeled as 'art'.

The Art Bowl specializes in "digital art". Digital images royalty-free and available in limited edition for the consumer, then printed by making use of high-quality printing techniques, and then securely delivered. Full service and at a (very) affordable price.

The collection of The Art Bowl consists of curated digital art which is Limited Edition is offered through the online platform. All works and designs are scouted by The Art Bowl founder Claudia Cameron 24/7 looking for unique digital images. Cameron wants to make art affordable and accessible for this reason and works only in conjunction with creatives instead of professional artists.

"Art is a complement to any interior. But art is not accessible for everyone allowing the purchase of a unique or limited work virtually impossible. The Art Bowl makes art affordable and accessible making it possible to let them change the art on your wall with the seasons, fashion or your home."

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Claudia Cameron


Who is behind The Art Bowl? //

Just me, myself and I, Claudia Cameron

So a couple of sentences about me? //

I come from the land down under, raised at the beach, with salt in my hair.  I've spent most of my 20's getting lost in the city that is London. I'm always looking for the next travelling adventure, I am absolutely determined to get to know the entire world in my lifetime. Technically I am a trained accountant (but I'll never admit it). I am utterly in love with Holland, that's why I have had more dutch lessons than I care to remember...why is it soo hard!? I am obsessed with Digital Art and all things interior and completely addicted to Instagram. In late 2015 I quit my expat job and started The Art Bowl.


Peace and Print. 


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