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It's a manly interior!

manly interior

Sometimes you just need to sit back and admire the beauty that comes from within, the industrial vs. the leathers vs. the exposed brick. These are some inspiration pieces for your next manly interior job... I'm totally in love. 

It's the rawness, powered with the soft touches that really work well for these interiors. The lamps are also to die for! I mean who doesn't want one of these looking amazing in their living room?

What do you think?

interior heren

This marble table tis unreal. 

Industrial Interior

Look at that floor! Those windows exposing the beams. Seriously wow. 

Industrial dinning table

Who said school wasn't good for anything? This lovely dinning room table, has me wanting to go back to school. 

Man's world

The tectures in this room are just soo beautiful. They match perfectly together. 


I've been dreaking of an industrialloft like this one for a while now... Not sure if I'd also have Che on the wall, but love the look! 

1. Arflex. 2. Bjur Hager Studio.3. Amazon. 4. De Huiszwaluw. 5. Interiors by Studio M. 6. By CNS.

Peace and Print, 


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THE BIG: 100 Examples of stunning Scandinavian design

Dreamy Scandinavian design inspiration all in one place!
Ever dreamt of your ideal Scandinavian dream house? Well, I can tell you on more than one occasion I have. So here is a list of the ultimate houses from the inside that have taken my fancy over the past year.
You'll find that there are a lot of whites, neutrals and of course the occasional sheep skin. :) My favourite. 
Scandinavian Design
Nordic Design
White Interior
Scandi Design
Living Room Scandinavian Design
Awesome Interior
Swedish Interior 
Interior Design
Scandinavian Interior
Beach kunstwerk
Dari and Mari
White Interior
Asian Lady Kunstwerk
dining room
dining room
40. Interior
coat rack
living room
swedish lviing room
Kitchen swedish
 grey couch
swedish living room
modern chairs
Dining room table
living room scandinavian
book shelves
swedish chairs
lounge room
black chair
bedroom scandinavian
dining room chairs
green lamps
colour kunstwerk
brown table
brown chair
beautiful interior
indoor plants
black sofa
white chairs
black sofa
brown sofa
white window
green walls
Copenhagen design
Dining room inspiration
Kitchen love
Accent Wall
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Let's Go Oud-West Amsterdam!

Amsterdam West (Oud-West), is my hood so I thought it only adpt that I give you a little tour of my area. 



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The 3 measurements you need to hang artwork

height to hang an artwork



So you've found the perfect piece of artwork, you pick up your hook and hammer to put the artwork up. Only to figure out that you have little to no idea where to place it.

There is definitely a science to hanging artwork properly. So here goes with the three measurements that you’ll need to take into consideration to ensure nothing goes wrong.


145cm – 155cm

The Ideal Height for Art on a Wall

8cm – 15cm

The Ideal Distance Between Pieces of Art

15cm – 20cm

The Ideal Distance Between the Bottom Edge of Art and the Top Edge of Furniture


The first number shows that your artwork should be around 145cm (or more) from the floor. If you’re hanging lots of artwork or photos, try to make this the visual center of the arrangement. Remember to map it out on the floor before you start with making holes in the walls.


The second figure shows that you should look to place pictures between 8 and 15cm between each of the artworks or frames. If there is too little room, the wall will look too crowded. Too much space and you’ll lose the connectedness between the pieces.


The last measurement is a guide to keep your artwork grounded around furniture, or a sofa, or headboard or back of a sofa. This figure might have problems, especially if you have very low profile furniture. In that case, I would suggest that you find a happy balance, bringing the center height of the art down to sit closer to the top of the furniture in the room.


Remember these this is just a guide, you should always make it your own. There is no magic formula If you have any more tips or tricks be sure to leave them in the comments! 


Peace and Print,

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madam president

Hilary Clinton could be the next US president. This beautiful video shows in amazing artistic formation what that really means to women. 



Madam President from Tom McCarten on Vimeo.

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an emerald and teal interior

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 4

Emerald and Teal it quiet literally makes my heart go round. Maybe in my childhood I saw The Wizard of Oz one too many times, with her magical red glitter slipers, her dog toto, heading down the yellow brick road to the Emerald city. It always reminds me of wonderful memories. 

So here with the gentle rain coming down on the roof I'm going to talk about the beautiful colour clash of Emerald and Teal. 

The famous has foreseen that the trend on the runways and street in New York will be the next big thing for interiors. 

We'll there certainly is enough eveidence to suggest that it already is! 


Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 1


Ok it might be screaming obvious but plants also go a long way... ok I know obvious. 




For those not brave enough to splash it over their whole interior then some highlighting accents might just do the trick. 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 6


You'll see this kitchen full on later down. But just so you don't miss the highlights. :)

Bedrooms seem like an easy option to take a risk with colouthis one looks really good all dressed in green. 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 7


Doesn't it look just soo cosy. I mean I could literally just curl up and have a snooze. 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 2


This spcae gets points for mixing in strong bold colours into the emerald/teal mix. 


Okay time to grab a seat. 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 9


Zebra anyone? 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 10


I love how the rich colors and masculine artwork here are balanced with more delicate metallic accessories and a flood of natural light.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 3


These pattern mix are just plain fancy. 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 11


Dusty mirrors to bring out the light in the room without being too over powering as an actual mirror. Nice. 

Finally THAT Kitchen! 

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 12


Justina Blakeney's lovely kitchen, what can I say. Beautiful. 


Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 14


Just in case you have that Teal dress in the wardrobe, you can always dine here to fit right in with the new trend going round. 

So is that a yay or a nay? 


Peace and Print, 

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Selman's collages



Seen Selman on our artist pages? He's one of our magnificent digital artists that specialises in collages... cool huh. :) We think so. From Picasso to Hemmingway. He's got our favourites. 








Jean-Paul Sartre


Peace and Print, 

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what is an acrylic (plexi) glass finish?

So it is all well and good that you've choosen the print that you want for your wall... but then you’re lost with the choices between what is Dibond, Acrylic or Resin. Difficult decision if you can't see and feel it. 

Let me explain as clearly as possible what is Acrylic glass… or should I say Plexi glass.. :)

Whatever you call it you won’t be disappointed, it is one the most popular finish and works especially well for photography illuminating the colours, making it look magnificent up on your wall. 

Essentially it is an aluminum base, with a high quality print attached, then a 2mm thick plexi glass is attached to the print. It is then all sealed with silcon and has an integrated hanging system. Just in case you didn't know all our prints are guaranteed for 75 years. If you want to find out more technical details you can look on our material page. This is what creates the glossy finish along with ensuring that the photo is protected from those accidental bumps from everyday life. 


Acrylic Plexi Glass


Here you can see in detail what it looks like. The Aluminium, Print and Acrylic/Plexi Glass then perfectly sealed with silicon. (and of course guaranteed for 75 years). 


acrylic finish picture


As you can see it really illuminates the photograph giving it the ultimate finish out there. 

If you like this print you can see all of Dasha and Mari's work right here

We also have made the choices easier for you with our categories on which work would look the best on each material. You can check out the different selection choices here

We're in love with this finish. Are you? :) 

Any more questions, comments, better ways to explain what exactly acrylic and plext glass is send me an email to I welcome all comments, that would help make it easier. As I think do you! 

Peace and Print, 

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Henrik Purienne

Mirage Magazine is new kid on the block, but their Cheif in Editor Henrik Purienne is no new kid on Instagram. His feed is @purienne_ is one of my favourites this month with his beautiful selection of muse's, no one can really blame him for how cool his instagram is. 

So on this lovely rainy summer's day in Amsterdam, I've complied the ultimate drull list of which ones you should check out... 


Gypsychild 🍄 @lilahsummer #jeuxdepeau

Een foto die is geplaatst door Henrik PURIENNE (@purienne_) op


Lilah for Vogue Spain 👳🏼 @voguespain

Een foto die is geplaatst door Henrik PURIENNE (@purienne_) op



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Inside: the ultimate brooklyn home

The gorgeous Ulla Johnson fashion desiger extraordinaire from Brooklyn, has let Pia Ulin for Domino's Magazine's cover into her home to photograph her absolutely beautiful interior. We're just here to be amazed...

It's a dull Wednesday afternoon in Amsterdam, so let's cross the atlantic for just for a little bit to escape into Ulla's workd. 

Ulla has used the same beautiful tones for her interior that she favours in her clothing line. Chic, beautiful, globally minded and comfortable. 

Her home is decorated using light and warm textures and furnished with vintage as well bohemian pieces from far off places. 


Brooklyn Interior

Ulla Johnson

Brooklyn Interior

Interior NYC


Brooklyn Interior


Just beautiful. 

Peace and Print, 

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Really. Badly.

I have a crush
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8 dreamy small terraces to have coffee on

What a better start to the morning, than on a sunny summer day with a coffee on your dreamy balcony. You'll want to get up extra early just to sit on them as long as possible. Seriouly lovely. So here are eight inspiring small terraces that will get you inspired to create your own space. 

Terrace Amsterdam


1. Romantic small balcony

With its cute raffia furniture this bacolony is just beautiful.  A scompact as they come. Create levels with adding lots of plant and flowers around the furniture. Don't forget to use beautiful prints to create contrast. 

Amsterdam Balcony


2. Colorful day

Just looking at this balcony will bring you a little bit of happiness. Mix colorful pilloww with neutral furniture then just add cute plants such as lavender or daisies position two small coffee tables for that all important coffee and you are good to go! 

Balcony Amsterdam

3. Printed balcony

The print mix is a great way to decorate. Mix the floral print with the ethno one and choose a colorful carpet and pillows. Job done. This space will bring you lots of happiness and you will love to start here your day.

Balcony small inspiration

4. Pastel dream

I love the chromatic of this small balcony. Birght pin and yellow go great and all this colour with bring enthusiasm at the start of a new day. To add more colour, and don't forget to decorate the banister of you balcony with pretty and colorful lights.


5. French morning

For the ultimate French inspired balcony, pick metallic furniture painted and a cute round table to match. Add quintessential beautiful fresh flowers and enjoy your morning coffee with some croissants (and a frenchie :). 

Balcony Paris

6. Comfort first

These chairs are the next best thing for terraces, compfortable and weather resistant, but most importantly a stylish and comfortable option. Also, for a chic morning, pick neutral furniture and deco objects and enjoy a great day!


7. Ocean breeze

If you love the sea, use the ocean inspired colours for your balcony so you will be whisked off daily to that special paradise. Mix white with different shades of blue and you will drink your morning coffee thinking of a lazy day at the beach.


8. Green day

This cute green balcony will bring you closer to nature, especially if you will decorate it with lots of green plants. You will start your day in peace and tranquility and feel like you’re drinking coffee in a forest.

terrace amsterdam

Source: Cover & 0 // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


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Pink is the new White

Pink Interior

Apart from being one of my favourite restaurants in London, Sketch has put pink on the map (or should I say on the wall), not only the walls are covered in pink, they have they fanastic comic strips running around. To boot everything else in their interior is pink, I am absolutely in love with their seating from the 1920's. Their menu matches their out there interior and is absolutley amazing. If you don't have time for dinner, at least check out the egg shaped toilets and the jungle themed bar. A true masterpiece. 

This interior has hence led to the creation of this blog post and the ode to all things pink interior, to the walls, the couches or even the bathtubs. I'm in. ;) Literally. 

So enjoy these beauties, 


Pink Wall


Pink Interior

What not to love about Pink and Brass. Seriously. 

Pink Wall

Love this wall for this restaurant interior. Makes it very special indeed. 

Pink Interior


Pink Bathroom

Does the rubber duckie have to be pink as well do you think? 

Pink Pink Pink


Pink Wall

Soft pink is definitely a winner here!

Pink Interior

I look at this couch and all I want to do it kiss it. 

Pink Interior

hello beautiful, Katerina's artwork on this very gorgeous desk. 

Pink Interior

1. Flodeau 2. Tiziana Tosoni 3. Murray + Olive 4. Vogue 5. French by Design 6. Trine's Wardrobe 7. Badlands Blog 8. StyleCaster 9. The Red Fairy Project 10. Katerina (artwork) French by Design 11. Tiziana Tosoni

Thanks: Bloglovin'

 Peace and Print, 



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Summer Vibes

Summer Vibes
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Interior: Casper Faassen Dutch Artist

 Know Casper Faassen? No, well you should. 

Casper Faassen_the artist


A well established artist in Holland, grew up in Leiden and now is making waves and art with the Dutch National Ballet. One cool guy. 



So, Casper and Jeroen van Zwetselaar (both dutch, one an interior designer), take us into their jointly designed artistic lear. 

The results are just stunning, using this semi-detached Dutch house, they have created a wonderful world of bold walls, and soft furnishings that would make anyone immediately want to move it. Regardless of the owner. :) Interior Inspiration anyone?

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

The areas flow into one another, with the brown and greys creating an almost swiss mountain cabin feel. As feature the old movie chairs. Very nice touch. 

Casper Faassen_the artist

The bold artwork with the greys to add depth, yet the palms to soften the room look magnificent. Also new trend alert: Bleached rug! Want it immediately in my home! 

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

To just hang around making some super cool artworks... no biggie. 

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

Clever use of a mirror tofill the space with an ubandance of light! 

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist

LOVE! I'll get my rubber duckie. 

Casper Faassen_the artist

Casper Faassen_the artist


Photos: ZW6 (Jeoren van Zwetselaar)


Peace and Print, 




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The Ultimate Starter's Guide: Street Photography

Street Photography

Where to start? It’s ultimately a very tricky situation. You want to take good street photos but have no idea what camera to use, what settings, how to approach strangers, the constant question, what am I looking for? And most of all the fear of shooting in the streets.

So if you’re a beginner to street photography, you may be in need of a small helping guide. So here it goes.

Remember there is no “Right” or “Wrong” way to do it. If you find a better way or a way that suits you more, do it.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is street photography?

A very legitimate question right, what is street photography and simply put, street photography is about documenting everyday life and society. It doesn’t necessarily need to be photographed on the street. Any public place will do, think: the beach, the supermarket, or even a concert.

It’s up to you if you want to have the candid approach (without permission of the subject) or if you’d prefer to ask permission from the stranger before taking their photograph. The most important thing in street photography is to capture emotion, humanity, and soul.

Don’t worry so much about what “street photography” is and isn’t. The most important thing is creating powerful, compelling, and emotional images.

So...What exactly am I looking for…?

Among many others, these are the ones that I believe are the most important.

1. “The decisive moment”

Guide to Street Photography

Artist: Denis

“The decisive moment” was a phrase coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the earliest practitioners of street photographers. “The decisive moment” is the same as the “Kodak moment” where everything comes together in a perfect moment, and you hit the shutter. So essentially it is capturing the photo with the perfect timing.

I know “The decisive moment” is a bit misleading. There can be many “decisive moments” when you’re out shooting on the streets So the trick is: don’t just take one photograph. Take a ton of shots, 10 or 30, capture it from all sides. Then afterwards in the editing process choose which image you feel was the best.

2. Juxtaposition

Photography guide

Artist: Edgaras

Juxtaposition is essentially a nice word for contrast. But to be more specific, juxtaposition is when you put two different elements in a frame that directly contradict one another (while having a relationship). Black and white photography really shows how a juxtaposition really works. Here you can see it in Edgaras’ work where there is a clear cut line in the middle of the photograph.

You can look for happy/sad moments, light dark moments, etc all over the place. Look to your surrounding and try to get a person/object that is the complete opposite. Job done.

3. Emotion

Street Photography

Artist: We Shoot People

What do you think is on his mind?

Happiness, pain, sadness, loneliness, humor, anxiety, youth, and love. Bring it all out in your photos. It may be the hardest of all the categories to capture, but it speaks a 1000 words in a single photo.

Make use of their body language or facial expressions, you’ll have to be quick enough to take a photo of someone without them noticing or changing. If you manage that then your home free. A beautiful piece of photography.

4. Graphical/visual elements

Street Art

Artist: Sallie

Some photographers like Sallie prefer no emotion, just purely visual (and geometric) happiness. They appeal to our inner selves with beautiful lighting, nice shadows, strong lines, curves and shapes of interest. I am totally in love.

5. Focusing on details


Artist: Denis

Sometimes just focusing on the detail of a car’s light can bring out some great street photography. Take Denis’ work for example. Simple, with beautiful lines, and contrasting yet matching colours. Stunning.

Some of the best street photographs focus on the details, not the whole picture. When you are shooting on the streets, you can focus on small details. This means rather than taking a full-body shot of someone on the streets, focus on their hands, their face, their earrings, their hands, their feet, or anything else they are holding.

By showing less of what is going on in the photograph, you create more mystery in your image. Less is more.

6. Urban landscapes

Steel and Ice

Artist: Denis

Note the juxtaposition between the ice and the water and the buildings in the background.

It’s not really necessary or a must that you HAVE to include people in it. You can also create the most stunning photography just by using compelling landscapes that show a refelection of the society that surrounds it.

A landscape needs to evoke a sense of nostalgia, emotion or critique of society. For example, photographing a run-down building can make a strong societal statement.

When taking a photograph of an urban landscapes, it is also extremely important to have a nice composition, sense of symmetry, and balance.

7. Everyday scenes

Urban Photography

Artist: Edgaras

 A simple photo of someone walking through the street can tell a million stories.

Now... What camera settings to use? 

I can recommend Tech Radar's article showing you in depth what to do. 


Any more, please feel free to put them in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. 

Peace and Print, 


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having one of those days

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Dreamy Stockholm Apartment

Kitchen with Artek chairs and table

Ever wanted an insider's sneak peak into some of the best and dreamiest apartments in Stockholm?! Well luckily for us this little beauty just went on sale. 

This apartment is just gorgeous. The mix of modern and vintage is perfectly balanced to  reate a fresh but still cozy feel. Most common decoration clichés have  been skillfully avoided in favour of unusual but well considered choices in terms of colours and materials.

Here are from the real estate ad for HusmanHagberg where the apartment is up for sale.



Livingroom with daybed


Wooden wall cabinets


HallwayGray Bedroom


Orignial article: Elle Decoration Sweden 

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Top 10: Interior Plant Inspiration

It doesn't matter what you do, if you give me flowers or a small little plant I'll love you for life. So when summer comes around it is super exciting to have some interior inspiration, with you guessed it...

It’s that time of year when the sun hits our windows the walls become brighter and we immediately want to freshen up our interior. What is easier than bringing a plant or some flowers home? Ok, I’ll happily admit that for plants you have to ensure that they survive. Especially those constantly changing temperatures that the Dutch summer brings. I’ve been nursing one of my indoor plants back to life after a heatwave.

I’ve lived in houses smaller than a wardrobe, but no matter what as long as you have some beautiful flowers or some plants around you’re set.

The Dutch masters knew already, why do you think soo many of their fantastic artworks have been of flowers over the centuries! We've adapted over the years to incorporate flowers and plants into our interior to bring the outside in and to feel that warmth that only a plant can give to a room. You might even get excited about going to the florist every week, or heading to the garden center on that yearly (ok monthly) trip.

Whether it be a large bouquet, a rainforest, or just a leaf. It all creates a beautiful touch to any ones interior.

So without further ado. I give you my top 10 our Interior Plant inspiration.


1. Pot Inspiration: Grab as many varying pots and just start your own little inside garden area. Add a vintage woodworking table, so very cool artworks and you're good to go! 

Summer Flower Inspiration


2. The Classy Look: If your house is a little dark, or you have one hightlighted accented wall just buy some beautiful white flowers, place decoratively on mantleshelf, job done. 

Flower Interior Inspiration


3. The bigger the better: No, seriously. This just looks awesome. 

 Interior Inspiration Flowers



4. Ultimate Flower Power: Pink roses, a vintage pot and some candles. Seriously what more do you need? :) 

Flower Power


5. Wall Art: Ok, so you might not be able to paint this yourself... you can always cheat a little by using wall paper! :) With mtaching flowers. WOW! 

Flower Wall Art


6. The Big Bouquet: Not only does this stand out in any home, it look amazing!   

Interior Plant Inpiration


7. Simple Elegance: No need to blow the bank, just get some strong single flowers to create a beautiful and simple elegant bouquet. 

Interior Inspiration


8. Bottle me: I'm in love, get some bottles from Xenos, cut to size and you've got yourself a beautiful flower decoration for the window or as table decoration at a dinner party. 

Flowers in a bottle


9. I can't take my eyes off you: Enough said. :)

Interior Inspiraton


10. Cactus Garden: If you can't handle killing things, I'd suggest getting a cactus garden. Beautiful, easy and extremely difficult to kill... although there are always some. 

Cactus garden


Hope you enjoyed out Interior Plant Inspiration. Any more, please feel free to leave them in the comments! 

Peace and Print, 


Sources: 1.  2.  3. Sfgirlbybay  4.  5. decoholic  6.  7.  8. Giallozafferano  9. Sterk Magazine  10.


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I'm Claudia, nice to meet you!

Who's behind The Art Bowl? Who is the owner, the founder, the editior, the everything? 

Short Answer: just me, Claudia Cameron. :)

Here's a photo... I'm notoriously bad at having photos of just me in them. I think I was the last person to ever take a selfie... so this is quiet a big step. 

About the Art Bowl

Now , you want to know a little about me? Of course you do! :)

I'll try do it as sisinct as possible // 

I come from the land down under, raised at the beach, with salt in my hair.  I've spent most of my 20's getting lost in the city that is London. I'm always looking for the next travelling adventure, I am absolutely determined to get to know the entire world in my lifetime. Technically I am a trained accountant (but I'll never admit it). I am utterly in love with Holland, that's why I have had more dutch lessons than I care to remember...why is it soo hard!? I am obsessed with Digital Art and all things interior and completely addicted to Instagram. In late 2015 I quit my expat job and started The Art Bowl.


If you'f like to get to know me more, I love coffees and definiely don't bite. 

Just send an email over to


Peace and Print, 



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so, where exactly are the 9 streets (9straatjes)?

We've been here in the nine streets for 2 weeks with our very own pop-up store. And have had a constant flow of tourists coming in and asking ''so, where exactly are the negen straatjes (9 streets)?". Very good question! 



It can be a little confusing, I have to admit. The confusion doesn't come by the complexity of the situation, rather the simplicity of it. 

So which streets exactly are the 9 streets (9 straatjes):

1- Reestraat

1- Hartenstraat

1- Gasthuismolensteeg

2- Berenstraat

2- Wolvenstraat 

2- Oude Spiegelstraat

3- Runstraat

3- Huidenstraat

3- Wijde Heisteeg


Technicially if you want to count the streets in the 'normal' way, you could say that they are actually only 3 streets, that are divided into three by the main cannals in Amsterdam Princsengracht, Herengracht and Kiezersgracht that run adjacent to them. 


9 streets


You can see here if you are any where between Dam Square or Leiseplein then you are within a 2 minute walk of arriving at the 9 streets. 

Now, the 9 straatjes are best known for their phenomenal shops! So becareful, if you happen to get lost in the 9 straatjes also loose your credit card before it's too late! 


Which shops are worth heading to?

- Marie Stella-Maris -  Care for water is their motto and they have a beautiful store absolutely full of creams and potions to make anyone come back to life. 

Marie Stella-Maris Amsterdam 9 straatjes


- Pop-up Huidenstraat 13 - This is the store that we were lucky enough to have for 2 weeks for our launch. Every week or two the store is transformed with the newest and latest Dutch brands. Check it our!

- Mendo - My favourite coffee book store in all of Amsterdam. Hands down the best place to by a fantastic book for a gift or as a gift to yourself. :) 

Mendo - Amsterdam

- Pompadour - I may be biased as I have been opposite them for the last two weeks... but the cakes in the window make me want to eat my own weight in their goodies.

- Velour - the best place to buy all your clothing. Technically a swedish company. They have the ultra cute store on the Huidenstraat that is just devine. 

- Bussia - we rented the private area for NYE last year for dinner. As one of the only good restaurants open for New Years eve. I had never been before. I was blown away. fantastic food, phenomenal service and all in the cutest little house. Adorable. You can tell that it's origins come from the world famous culinary city of Moderna in Italy. A true delight. 

Any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments! 

So go and enjoy! 


Peace and Print, 


(images from:, and

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getting my wanderlust on

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kunstuitleen vs. kunst kopen (our definitive answer)

Kunstuitleen (Hire) vs. Kunst Kopen (Buy) - why do one over the other?

I've had the question countless times, do you do Kunstuitleen? The Simple answer is that The Art Bowl offers artworks that are soo affordable that it makes no sense to offer Kunstuileen. Sorry. 

Kunstuitleen is a fantastic idea for original artworks that are soo expensive they need to have monthly payments just so they can hang in your home. Who has thousands of euros just sitting in the bank? 

That's why we're all the way with Kunst Kopen! It's why we are here... so you can own your own artwork without having to worry if you can afford it, or monthly payments. 

All our prices start from €35 - €1500. Prices designed not to break the bank! 

Check out our collection here: The Art Bowl


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TOP 3 places to buy art in Amsterdam!

Top Places to Buy Art Amsterda

Ok so we might be a little biased, but we also know when credit is due to other galleries. 

It's all about the love now!

We know that it's not easy buying art you need all the factors to come into play. Emotional attachment, it's cool and it's on budget! Ah oh. When buying art I can definitely know the feeling of finding THE piece, only to find it is thousands of euro above budget... crap. 

So, if you're in the market for affordable art to want the best of the best, you should be able to find something from our list. Promise. 

Naturally we can't have a TOP 3 of places to buy art without putting us at No. 1. Sorry but if we don't believe in ourselves... then who will?!


A curated affordable collection of over 30 digital artists, with over 225 works. Launched at the end of November 2015. We're the new kids on the block trying to create a stir. And it's working. 

Everything is online. But if you'd like to check us out in person, we have a by appointment only office location in Oud-West where you can come and see the artworks. 

Buy Art Amsterdam



If you've ever wondered around Amsterdam then you probably know that the nine streets are the most beautiful part of the city. It is transports you away to a place where you can't but help but think was like this hundreds of years ago! 

Yes Claudia, but why are you telling us this? Because this is where Bright Side Galley is situated on the lovely Princesgracht. 

Bright Side, brings in beautiful contemporary original works from all over the world. They always have such a beauty to them, you'll fall in love instantly. ABSOLUTELY Stunning. 

bright side gallery



Ideally located opposite the Rijksmuseum and in the heart of Amsterdam’s arts and antiques district, Reflex gallery is distinguished by the high quality of their exhibitions. Founded by Alex Daniels, their impressive roster of national and international artists working across multiple mediums includes Miles Aldridge, Marcus Harvey, Daido Moriyama and Hisaji Hara. Collaboration is a key focus at Reflex. Every show is accompanied by published books, and catalogues featuring contributions from top curators from around the world.

Reflex Gallery


(Images courtesy of Bright Side and Reflex Gallery)


Peace and Print, 


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have you met Sallie?

Sallie is our newest and most minimal artist. Based out of LA you can feel the relaxed vibe of the city coming through in her pieces. Very minimal, very pastel and ultimately very cool artworks. 

Let me introduce you to her work, Sallie's Geometric series is just that quiet geometrical. With beautiful lines showing off her magnificent photographic skills. You can't help but marvel at the way she can see objects through her lens. 

With summer all but non existent in the Netherlands, it's nice to be able to look at some summer inspiration on your walls. 

My favorite photos are Park Reflections:

Sallie Kunstwerk

And 'Feminine', strong lines and beautiful pastels:

Digital Art Sallie


Or what about just 2 Palms?

Photography LA artist


Like I said magnificent artwork.  Did you ever doubt me? :) 

Perfect in a set and on Dibond or Acrylic finish. 


Peace and Print, 


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pop-up goes the shop!

Finally we're on the walls of our own beautiful store in the 9 straatjes (9 streets) for two short weeks. Sad Face, then we will only be online. 

Where exactly? // Huidenstraat 13, Amsterdam 1016 ER. 

We had a glorious start to our time here with a SuperFoodies breakfast with super guests that are the best in all things interior! 

What's better than having beautiful, digital, affordable art on the walls? 

-> You in the store having a look at the beautiful art with us! ;) 

My mother told me flattery always works. 

So come and take a look at the artwork for yourself! 

Open // 7 - 19 JUNE 

Here are some lovely photos taken by Iris Duvekot. 

Amsterdam gallery art


Kunst kopen


Amsterdam Art


Peace and Print, 


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share and WIN!

We thought €100 would be nice to spend on beautiful Art on the Art Bowl... what do you think? :) 

As we will be having our very own pop-up location from the 7 - 19 June in the 9 straatjes. We thought it was time to have some fun! 

Pop-up Art Shop Amsterdam


To win just go to : 


GUESS where this photo was taken, and then

SHARE this post!

Easy! :) 

Peace and Print, 


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from out of the trees...

Linas Vaitonis' work is the newest work to grace the white walls of the Art Bowl. His work ties the beauty of the female body and glorious nature. 

One of my favourites, is a work entitled Acid Rain. It shows the subtle beauty of the naked body hidden amongst the wild flowers. Do you like it?

Wild Flowers

Acid Rain 

Or perhaps you prefer is artwork of the unidentified body surrounded by logged wood. Creating a sense of mystery with the photo. 

Art Amsterdam

 Dancing Slow Society

Linas also follows the edgy lines of simplicity in a photograph in the denim shirt! 

Amsterdam Art

Tape on

Find all of Lina's photography here:

Peace and Print, 


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Art Gallery Pop-up Amsterdam

It's finally time. 7 - 19 JUNE we will be on the Huidenstraat in Amsterdam. 

We're coming to life for only TWO weeks! We will no longer only be on the computer screen, we'll now be on the walls of our very own store in Amsterdam. This is an opportunity not to miss!

What better than a pop-up an Amsterdam art gallery to stop by and have a look around. 



At the Art Bowl we live under the belief hat art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. 

All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies fashion photographers, speed photography, children book illustrators etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). 

It's a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our online gallery. 

WHEN? //

7 - 19 JUNE


 WHERE? //

In the heart of the 9streets (Huidenstraat 13) in Amsterdam. 



9 JUNE // 5.30 - 8.30 pm
(Thanks Damrak Gin)

ma: 12:00–19:00
di–wo: 10:00–19:00
do: 10:00–21:00
vr: 10:00–19:00
za: 10:00–18:00
zo: 12:00–18:00


We would love to see everyone there! It is going to be fantastic. 

Peace and Print. 


Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Amsterdam Gallery

Affordable Art




Kunst Amsterdam




Kunst Amsterdam



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our Amsterdam Roest exhibition!

We had the honor of being on the walls of Amsterdam Roest for the month of April. 

Just in case you happened to miss the celebrations, we've got you covered. Take a look at our Art Exhibition on their famous walls. 

If you don't know Roest, it's a bar/event/beach/awesome place where you can sit round the fire, seat on the beach or have dance the night away on the dance floor. 

It was our first exhibition so naturally we were excited! 

Have a look at our works, on Roest's walls! 

Amsterdam Roest Art Exhibition

Amsterdam Roest Art

Amsterdam Roest Exhibition

Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest Art Exhibition Artwork

Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest Art

Amsterdam Artwork

Amsterdam Roest Drinks


Peace and Print, 




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we're the cool kids are on King's day

If you've been to any King's or Queen's Day, you'll know it is absolutely THE day on the event calendar for Dutchies. Hands down, nothing else compares. 

A sea of Orange, everyone on the street, and somehow (nearly) every year it doesn't rain, although it may have been in the forecast. 

Needless to say, I've been to a few, and with new regulations introduced over the past years it has meant that large parties are not in the center of Amsterdam. It has meant a little more planning. Yes, of course you can just wander around the street and soak up the energy or you could jump on a boat and have a party. But let's help you with a short guide to where to go! 

Koningsnacht : King's Night:

1. Jordaan/Westerstraat:

Koningsnacht Amsterdam

This is THE place to go, the street literally fills up with live music, beer tabs and lots and lots of extremely happy people. Need I say more?

2. Amstelveld

An extremely fun place to dance the night away with friends. Perfect setting, there is always a great live band, and lots of people just wanting to hang out. 


Koningsdag : King's Day

1. Vondelpark

amsterdam vondelpark


Every person and their kitchen sink (sometimes quiet literally) are in or around Vondelpark. All streets that lead to it will be filled in the early morning of people selling their second hand goods, and some third and forth hand things as well. If you're lucky you'll find that dream thing, so get hunting. 

Once you get into Vondelpark, be prepared with ample amounts of small change so you can have fun with all the kids, and their genius ways at making you give them some pocket money. 

2. Jordaan/Homomonument

Nine Street Amsterdam

If you want to see the canals in all their glory, head to the nine streets, you'll find all the boats on the canals, people wandering around, and of course multiple street parties going on around you. It's always good to start at the Homomonument to fuel up with the endless food trucks there, and then go into the fun! 

3. Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest

Not only are our works hanging there!

They are having Disco Orange, where you can boogy the night away. super cool! 



3. ANY of the many festivals around the city

If you're not into wandering the streets, or you're looking for a good party to go to after you've spent the morning wandering, go to one of the many, many, many, festivals every festival organiser has put on. You are bound to find one that you like! guaranteed. have put together a very good list to help you out. Find it here:

King's Day Amsterdam Festivals


See you out there all in your Orange! I can't wait... 

Peace and Print, 



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Mood :(

Monday Mood
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Wall Art.

I've been looking at A LOT of interiors and what stood out today is the lovely effect good wall paper is to make a room feel special. The effect of wall paper has on the room, creating a wall art appearance. 

The not so subtle nature of the wall paper makes it a fantastic feature in a home. Albeit it will always need to be a feature wall. But with the old school vintage furniture, it will make a perfect accompaniment to any house! 

I love it so I thought that I would share my latest and greatest wall art finds!

Wall Art
Wall Art - Interior 3
Wall Art - Interior 4
Wall Art - Interior 5
Wall Art - Interior 5
Rachel Powell Woodstock wallpaper
Wall Art - Interior 6
Wall Art - Interior 7


Let us know what you think! 

Peace and Print, 


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Interior Junkie X The Art Bowl

One of the biggest interior blogs in the Netherlands, came to have a coffee, a chat and of course take a few photos of our gorgeous interior here at the home of the Art Bowl. 

If you don't know Elisah is Interior Junkie, she is a trained journalist and one of her many jobs in running Interior Junkie. Spannend! 

We moved into our new home late 2014, it is an old post office that was converted into multiple apartments in Oud-West Amsterdam. We are lucky enough to have a garden and a guest house (tuinhuis) which was originally the carpark and the old gymnasium (to the school which was our neighbour). This is such a rare thing in Amsterdam, it is almost unheard of, luckily it provides enough space for when my parents come over (from Australia) that they are able to comfortably stay in the guest house without living on top of us for weeks! 

I lived in London for over 6 years where I lived in a shoe box. Seriously, if I lay down on my bed I could touch three walls, no joke! So now we have more than enough space to decorate and make it our own. We also have quiet some artwork! (unsurprisingly) so now we have enough white walls to ensure that everything gets it's time to shine. 

As we leave all our beautiful artwork lying around the office we thought that it would be nice for her to come and have a look, as well as check out our beautiful interior. 

The result is quiet some photos and lovely write up (which was of course translated - my dutch is nowhere near that good!). 

So here are the photos from the shoot, you can check out the entire blog post here:

(all photos are from Interior Junkie)

“Ik viel als een blok voor het vele licht in de woonkamer. De eettafel en de bank kochten we bij De bank is van Goossens.” 

“Op de eettafel pronkt een kandelaar die ik op de kop tikte op de vlooienmarkt in de Amsterdamse IJ-hallen.”

“De coffee corner met een verzameling aan houten planken.”

“Dit kunstwerk maakte mijn vriend door ballonnetjes met verf tegen het doek te gooien. Superleuk om eens zelf te doen.”

“De woonkeuken is heerlijk ruim. Het keukenblok links stond eerst op de plek waar nu de eethoek is. Dat scheelt veel ruimte én licht. De eetkamerstoelen zijn van Zuiver.”

 “Op de keukenkast staat een verzameling spullen, gekocht en gevonden op vakantie en gekregen van vrienden. Ook staat er een muntenverzameling, verzameld in tien jaar tijd.”

“De bloempotten komen van Bloemenweelde, de plantjes erin kreeg ik cadeau.”

“Onze tuin is ideaal voor barbecues én GT feestjes. De loungeset is van Wehkamp.”

“De lounge hoek met twee leren stoelen die we bij Koutsj kochten. Het kunstwerk op de muur maakte Sebastian Murra ter plekke. Het moet een skyline voorstellen.”

“De kunst is te koop via The Art Bowl. Die van vier oma’s en Batman vind ik geniaal want: ‘nana, nana, nana, nana.. Batman’. Snappen jullie ‘m?!”

“Zicht op het loungedeelte vanaf de hal op de eerste verdieping.”

“Zicht op de loungehoek vanaf het werkgedeelte. De zwarte bureaulamp kocht ik in de Misc Store om de hoek. “

“De kubus lamp link is van Zuiver en kocht ik bij Fonq. Het schapenvacht rechts op de stoel kocht ik bij de Albert Cuyp markt.”

“Op mijn werkplek hangen prints van Allison Pharmakis, Bad News Mike Hughes, Marcus Marritt, Andre Guerreiro, Feridun Akgungor en NASA, allemaal te koop via The Art Bowl. Het bureau is van Houtmerk”

“Onze inloopkast met op de voorgrond een wasmand van Ferm Living die ik bij &Klevering kocht.”

“Dit bijzettafeltje van Zuiver fungeert als nachtkastje. The Wake Up Light is van Philips.”

“Het nachtkastje kocht ik op de Albert Cuypmarkt. Erop staat een lamp die ik bij Brainy Days kocht.”

“Het kabinetje in de slaapkamer is van IKEA.”


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Wow. seriously. Wow. 

This is one for the inspiration books. Swiss Conrad Jon Godly has created artworks from paint that look like you are standing on top of a mountain in Switzerland. This piece of art is almost unreal. 

He uses acrylic paint to create breathtaking paintings. While we are all about digital art at the Art Bowl, we can definitely appreciate amazing talent when it comes along. 

I feel like I'm about the hit the slopes, What do you think? 



(credit: the jealous curator)


Peace and Print, 


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vimeo of the week!

Ariel Costa in an art director, designer and animator current living in Los Angeles - CA.
BlinkmyBrain" is his personal portfolio. 

This production is perhaps one of the more creepier ones in his collection, in different chapters, with various half animal half naked men and women.

These art collages are superb. 

 Check it out! 



A small reflection of the world, now the big question is how do we get this onto an art poster? :)


Peace and Print, 
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Allison Pharmakis, have you seen her work? Well at the moment is all up over Roest! :) 

But in case you don't have time to go check out this magnificent artist there. Here is a small selection of her best artworks that we are head over heals for!

Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis

Rock me

We're in love, are you?


Peace and Print, 


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Amsterdam Roest X the Art Bowl Exhibition!

Art Exhibition Amsterdam

We'll be on Roest's walls and we're loving it!

Come down to Amsterdam Roest and see us on their fabulous walls.


@amsterdamroest lookin' good! ✌️ #amsterdam #art

Posted by The Art Bowl on Friday, 1 April 2016

Don't know Roest? It's only one of the best places to hang out, chill out or lay out (literally on their city beach).

We'll be there from 1st to 27th April. See you there!

At the Art Bowl we live under the belief that art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies, student photographers etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). It’s a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our on-line gallery.

Artists featured:
Chrissie White:
Allison Pharmakis:

Peace and Print

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Buying Art - a non collectors guide

Art, wow, a very loaded word. It can take on a number of different definitions, tastes and price ranges. What is certain is that when you have art up on your walls, your house suddenly is complete. 

My mother would leave her art on the ground until everything else was 'done' in the house. Whenever we finally would put it on the walls, we would inevitably move within 6 months. Not the ideal situation, but she wanted to make sure that the art that she had collected for many years no doubt fitted into the new interior. In some cases it did, but in most cases it was an opportunity to buy more! 

The lesson learnt here is that we change our tastes frequently, just look at our music tastes over the last years, I've at least gone from Pop to Indie to Drum and Bass to finally landing somewhere in the middle of House as my preferred.

When we buy a house and then look to buy art, it is right to assume that it won't be on our walls for our great grand children to see. Our taste will change!

How to buy art

So when buying art as a non collector where do we stand? What becomes important? Don't panic, you don't need to mortgage the house (again) to afford something you like. 

Here's my helpful list to help you navigate your way through:

1. Buy what you love now. Not what your friend loves, or what your mother loves. You, what you love. Remember that your preferences will change over time and that is perfectly ok. Don't try and guess them now, go for exactly what your heart strings are telling you! 

2. Set a budget. We're lucky enough here at the Art Bowl to be in the affordable category, so you should have some luck finding something in your budget! 

3. Take a good look at your interior. You've gone to all that effort to make sure the rug matches the couch that matches the cushions. Before you start falling in love with art, take a good look at your interior so when you see a piece you can really imagine it in your house, office or where ever. 

4. The material.  What material you want your art work really is completely up to you. Think about what will match your preferences and also your interior. Material like canvas are softer, whereas if you want something striking with all the colours illuminated, you should look out for Resin. It is in the higher price category but it will make the photo or print just pop with it's high definition gloss! 

5. So how big? Size Does matter! Promise. Happily this is the easiest part of the selection process to work out. Remember to make sure that you give some space to each work, so that each has their own space to shine. But don't underestimate the statement 'Bigger is better'.

6. Compliment your interior colours. This also completely up to your your preferences. However always keep in mind your interior colours, it should always compliment never overpower. Remember to mix and match colours, but no one wants to live in a rainbow (unless there is actually gold at the end of it). 

7. What's the subject. Remember, you'll be looking at it for (hopefully) some time. So if you think you'll get tired of that face looking at you, try something more abstract.  

8. Your Style. You can just feel what you like over what you don't it's the same with fashion, or with love. It just clicks or it doesn't. Some people fall in love with photography, others love abstract. There is no magic style guide, but just always keep your interior in mind. 

9. The Artist. Read a little about the Artist to understand them, their background and their story. They are now becoming apart of your story as well. 

If you have some more, let us know in the comments! 

Peace and Print, 



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24H West, Amsterdam: what you need to know

 24H Amsterdam

It's that time of year again! 24H West Amsterdam, 12th and 13th March 2016. If you haven't heard of it already it is the initiative from We're they focus on parts of the city on different weekends to encourage everyone to get to know Amsterdam a little better. What could be better! 

So what exactly happens? 

From 12noon on Saturday until 12noon on Sunday the West comes alive. Think tours, shops, exhibitions, shows. All for a quick 24hours. 

Want us to make it easy? Thought so, here's the best of the Agenda!

1. Street Art By Night, Street Art Museum Amsterdam (SAMA). 12 March 12midnight to 1.30am



2. Yoga and a Turkish breakfast, Podium Mosaiek. 13 March 10am to 12noon. 



3. The Local Goods Market, De Hallen. 12 and 13 March 12noon to 8pm/5.30pm

De hallen market


4. Open School, De School. kickboxing, hathayoga and much more, 12 and 13 March. 

De School 

5. A private concert in bed. City Hub (hotel). 12 March 1pm to 5pm. 

city hub

Honestly what more do you need. 

You can also check out the IAMsterdam site for all the listings

Have fun! 

Peace and Print. 



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phenomenal interior + instagram =

We've tracked down one of Holland's best interior Instagrammers, Mardou, from the beautiful (@sevencouches) for a delicious interview. 

When you take a scroll through Mardou's instagram account, you are directly walking into her amazing home in Haarlem. This quiet literally is her. She has created every corner of her beautiful abode into a white and creative place, where endless interior tends can be found. 


So we got the chance to ask her some of the fundamental questions about life, blogging/gramming and of course art.  

Hey Mardou, at the Art Bowl we always start with, if you were to write 2 lines about yourself, what would they be? It’s not easy, but we’ll love your answer!

Nice question! I would characterize myself as a language fanatic picture thinker with a passion for styling and interior. 

Your blog has come from your work on Instagram which now has over 50k followers (congratulations!). If you could go back to when you had 500 followers and tell yourself something, what would that be?

The last year sevencouches has grown so fast. I started with 1.000 followers in January 2015 and reached more than 50.000 followers one year later. If I could go back to the moment I reached 500 followers, I would tell myself to keep doing what I like and what suits me. That’s why sevencouches became successful. 



You’ve had your house in Haarlem for some years with your boy, what is the one feature in your house that makes you smile every time? 

The modern fireplace and the view on the backyard from the livingroom. I love it when the dividing line between outside and inside fades in summer. The moment when the livingroom and garden become one large living space… It’s awesome!

Your Instagram feed is predominately orientated around your home. When you’ve been decorating, what have been the fundamental elements that you say would need to come together? (i.e. patterns, colour, couch size etc.)

For me a serene base is very important, that’s why I painted all the walls in my house white and combined it with a wooden floor. Wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. It’s so characteristic and warm. I’d like to experiment with different shades of grey, materials and graphic prints. In my work I try to find the right balance, something I can’t explain actually. You need to feel it.

Interior Inspiration

We’ve all got a list, what are your favourite blogs/bloggers/or just interior eye candy sites?

My favourite source of inspiration is Instagram because of the high speed the media changes. It’s faster than reading blogs or other interior websites. Some of my favorites are,, and

We’re all about the Art at the Art Bowl, so when choosing that piece for the wall, what are the things you consider?

The item needs to fit naturally, but it may stand out. I love beautiful pictures or nice typography and have a poster wall at my dining table where I change the images regularly.

Do you have any favourite pieces from our collection?

‘The lady in black’ by Alexander Dzivnel is one of my favorites. I could buy this piece of artwork myself.

If I had a super duper extraordinary time machine and we could have coffee with one artist, who would they be?

Andy Warhol or Gerrit Rietveld.



Lastly, the most important question, if you could be a superhero, which super hero would you be?

Then I choose Batgirl and keep myself busy with justice and helping other people ;-)


A big Thanks to Mardou! 

Peace and Print, 


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some beautiful artistic inspiration

Because let's face it, we need some extra colour in our lives with all this rain! These are the most loved pins from our Pinterest we've been stockpiling all the good ones! 

There is a multitude of art to stimulate our senses. From comic posters to photo prints, maybe some editorial photographs, or perhaps an original abstract painting. It is quiet literally endless.

So it's safe to say we've all got our favourites, I know mine, but what yours? Here is just a small selection of different styles that make me go WHOOOHOO on Friday!



(honey on my skin)

Low Budget artwork





(Maayan Zilberman and Nikki Dekke)







Peace and Print, 

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the 8 biggest home decor mistakes you can make

It's sometimes hard to admit, but sometimes we do get it wrong. And I'd like to make sure that everyone else doesn't follow in our footsteps. 

Interior Styling


Interior decorating is definitely a process, you can't expect to get everything right on the first time. So take into consideration these 8 glorious mistakes and hopefully 'our bad' can be your good. 


1. Painting without Testing the Colour First

We've all seen them those teeny tiny little bits of paper that have all the pantone colours of the rainbow. Colors can look completely different on your wall than they do on the paint chip. Painting swatches on your wall and seeing how they look in different light might postpone your paint job by a week or two, but it will save you so much frustration down the road.

2. Buying a Shag Rug

With their plush pile and cozy-chic appearance, shag rugs are easy to fall for. Don't do it! The problem is they shed more than a Labrador Retriever and you'll end up eating hairballs for dinner. A few homeowners get used to living with the snowstorm of wool that no amount of vacuuming can completely eliminate, but most find that it's not worth the effort and get rid of the rug altogether.

3. Installing Marble Countertops


Like that sexy pair of designer stilettos that no amount of logic will convince you not to buy, marble countertops are too pretty for many homeowners to resist. They purchase them starry-eyed, believing that the beauty of the material will make up for the high-maintenance upkeep; however, they inevitably regret their decision as soon as the first scratches and stains set in, which is right away. 

4. Decorating With an Aggressively Coloured Sofa

You have a beautiful white apartment with not too much decoration, why not make the couch a 'focal point'. Instead why not get the "wow" factor of your seating with easily changed accent pillows and blankets, but when you buy the actual sofa in a loud color or over-the-top print, you're stuck. It might seem on-trend and appealing at the time, but a couple years later when your entire living room design is held hostage by the sofa's dominant design, you'll be dreaming of a neutral sofa.

5. Rushing to Decorate

Slow it down baby, no need to rush. If you're buying furniture, you're probably already planning on using them for a while. Don't try and buy everything before you've moved in or within the first months. I mean don't sleep on the floor but trying to complete all your decorating at once is a huge mistake. Sure, having a full furniture set in every room shortly after you move in feels good, for a second. Then you actually live in the space and notice that the curtains you bought don't block enough light in the sun-facing living room, find an antique bed you like more than the sterile matching bedroom set you purchased online in one mouse click, and realize that the office and guest room spaces should be swapped. Unfortunately, you've already blown your budget, and now you're stuck. Great design takes time. Don't rush it.

6. Putting Off Basic Renovations Until After You Move In

The floors are scuffed up, but is it really worth pushing back your move-in date to resurface them? The answer is a resounding "yes, yes and yes!" if you ask any homeowner who had to live through a floor resurfacing project, major paint job, or kitchen renovation. Staying put for another month while the work is done is much less painful in the long run than having to live alongside the construction or, worse yet, putting it off inevitably because there's no convenient time to do it after you've moved in.

7. Purchasing a Cheap Piece of Furniture That Needs Reupholstering

That out-of-this-world deal on the tufted armchairs you found on Marktplaats might not be all it seems. If reupholstering is a prerequisite for putting a piece of furniture in your home, make sure you price it out before you buy it. The cost of reupholstering can be shockingly high and is often more expensive than just buying the furniture brand new. If you don't do the math, you could end up stuck with a heinous '70s floral-fabric-covered loveseat or a musty, moth-eaten sofa in your living room.

8. Covering Floors With White Carpeting

It's like red wine to a white shirt. Clean white underfoot seems chic and alluring, and if you're a clean person who doesn't have any pets or children, it might even seem feasible that you can keep white carpeting or a white area rug looking nice. Let us debunk that idea for you right now. You can't. Even if you make your house shoe-free and vacuum every day, a dirt-tinted discoloration is inevitable. 


Peace and Print. 

(creative inspiration:

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saturday night! and I'm feeling this video....

‘Death Drive’: a visual and aural homage to the movement of the dancefloor - curtosy of

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buy affordable art in Amsterdam

So you have your new beautiful house, perfect location, decorated with the exact couch that took ages to find. What's missing? Affordable Art.

Go into any of the beautiful galleries in Amsterdam and you'll find a fine selection of artworks that may set you back an arm or perhaps a leg. This seriously doesn't need to be the case. 

Affordable Art Amsterdam


At the Art Bowl, we live under the belief that Art shouldn't just be defined by who creates it, it should be defined by it's beauty. We have artists that come from all around the world. Their works perhaps wasn't originally meant to be put up on walls, but now have the opportunity. 

Art should be 1. Beautiful, 2. Affordable and 3. A reflection of you and your style. You should buy art only when you believe that the piece is right for you! We not only have Art for sale, we have Art for living! 


Affordable Prints Amsterdam


Where to buy art for under €100? Right here

We have over 30 beautiful artists. That have produced over 200 stunning artworks. These artworks can be made into art prints (giclee) or printed on acrylic, dibond, canvas or under special resin. You choose the size and material that you want it printed on. We take care of the rest. Everything comes with a quality guarantee of 100 years. 

We are based out of the beautiful Amsterdam in Oud-West. We're surrounded by beauty, so why don't you join us. 

Come have a digital wander around! 

Peace and Print. 


Affordable Art Amsterdam



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this movie will move you




Sebastião Salgado, do you know him? If not your world is going to open up to a whole other dimension. 

This movie may have come out in 2014, but it certainly hasn't lost it's charm. 


World Renowned Photographer the winner of countless awards and honors. 

This movie is a snap shot of his life, one picture at a time. 

His life, from deep in the Americas, poverty in Africa to wildlife in the most remote parts of the world.


If you have a spare hour and 50 minutes. This certainly won't be a waste of time to watch. 


Peace and Print.





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where to love in amsterdam!


It's one of those holidays, you either (literally) love it or you hate it. 

I think it is just a great excuse to ensure that we share some appreciation for one another, whether that's your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend in life or just the person next to you on the metro.

The skies are gloomy enough, January has been a long month, it's time to spread some love. 

As a thought, here are some ideas on what to do in Amsterdam over the next weekend! 


1. Go shopping - Local Goods Weekend Market - VALENTIJN editie

de hallen

This market will be packed full of goodness, featuring us! 


2. Just a little walk -  Hortus Botanicus

 hortus botanicus

What better way to take some time to yourselves, than just to walk around the beautiful Hortus Botanicus. 


3. The Ultimate - Conservatorium Valentine's Day Package

conservatorium hotel 

It's definitely for the lovebirds, and for the ones that have some money spare after Christmas and January sales! 


4. Go get a Massage - Het Massagehuys


 Doesn't really need to be Valentine's day, just makes for a good excuse! 


5. Feed ones self - Restaurant Goudfazant


They fantastic food and red chairs and all! 

So spread some love. 

Peace, Print and LOVE!  


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this is THE man!

We all love minimalist design, we all love eye catching work and we all love to be transported somewhere, far far away. Well, I can tell you, that is exactly what Feridun Akgüngör does. Based out of Istanbul this magical graphic designer is making waves  His pallet of blue alone is enough to make me blue with envy. 

Currently he is the Head Art Director at Diagonal in Istanbul, creating these wonders in his so called 'spare time'. 






Like what your seeing, me too, his work can be captured in series, the above, 'air' and the series below 'beach'. 


beach house





He also does some pretty amazing work featuring Istanbul itself:

gata bridge


You can check out his sensational Instagram account, as well as his works available on the Art Bowl. 

Peace and Print, 


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10 of the best art blogs!

Whatever language you speak, Art (Kunst, アート, Seni, Konst, уметност, 미술) is all around, so it's important to take time to relax and enjoy whats going on around you. 

So there are always the good the bad an the ugly in the blogging world. It's hard to find those diamonds. 

It's not all about which galleries are opening, which red dot on a blank canvas sold more than the other. 

This is about good old enjoyment of visually stimulating content. It's where your brain can have a break and you can put your feet up and just be a witness to the beauty. 

So I've got my favourites, I know everyone has an opinion, especially about art! :) 

Here are the TOP 10, Art Blogs out in that big bad world wide web! 

10. This is Colossal:

Really it is epic, mamouth, out of this world. It's got everything you need and more. 

Looking for the next, biggest, bestest thing? You can check it out here! 



9. Empty Kingdom

Kingdom of beauty. A group of artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and thinkers busy overturning all the rules and trying to make the world a better place.

8. Where Cool Things Happen

It's kind of in the title right? they keep you updated on where cool things happen | Cool Inspiration on Travel, Art, Lifestyle and more Cool stuff…

7. Fubiz

Some real beautiful stuff! Daily dose of Inspiration since 2005. Art, Creativity, Design, Video, Pop Culture.

This one is one of my favourites

best art blogs



Does anything bad ever come out of Berlin, guess not! They have fantastic features of creatives in the fields of art, design, photography and architecture.


Yep, that's right 7 'O' really it does go BOOOOOOOM! It has everything you need to know, trust me. 

4. It's that nice

It really is, this blog is more for the refined taste that we all wish we had! 

3. The Jealous Curator

'Damn, I wish I thought of that' may be their tag line, but it's also my feeling towards their beautiful blog. 

2. Nowness

It's all about Vlogging people! 


And Last by not by any means least, the ultimate in time wasting and Friday scrolling! 

1. Bored Panda

 Well it is the only magazine for pandas, can you blame me?


If you've got more, leave them in the comments, 


Peace and Print

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