phenomenal interior + instagram = –

phenomenal interior + instagram =

We've tracked down one of Holland's best interior Instagrammers, Mardou, from the beautiful (@sevencouches) for a delicious interview. 

When you take a scroll through Mardou's instagram account, you are directly walking into her amazing home in Haarlem. This quiet literally is her. She has created every corner of her beautiful abode into a white and creative place, where endless interior tends can be found. 


So we got the chance to ask her some of the fundamental questions about life, blogging/gramming and of course art.  

Hey Mardou, at the Art Bowl we always start with, if you were to write 2 lines about yourself, what would they be? It’s not easy, but we’ll love your answer!

Nice question! I would characterize myself as a language fanatic picture thinker with a passion for styling and interior. 

Your blog has come from your work on Instagram which now has over 50k followers (congratulations!). If you could go back to when you had 500 followers and tell yourself something, what would that be?

The last year sevencouches has grown so fast. I started with 1.000 followers in January 2015 and reached more than 50.000 followers one year later. If I could go back to the moment I reached 500 followers, I would tell myself to keep doing what I like and what suits me. That’s why sevencouches became successful. 



You’ve had your house in Haarlem for some years with your boy, what is the one feature in your house that makes you smile every time? 

The modern fireplace and the view on the backyard from the livingroom. I love it when the dividing line between outside and inside fades in summer. The moment when the livingroom and garden become one large living space… It’s awesome!

Your Instagram feed is predominately orientated around your home. When you’ve been decorating, what have been the fundamental elements that you say would need to come together? (i.e. patterns, colour, couch size etc.)

For me a serene base is very important, that’s why I painted all the walls in my house white and combined it with a wooden floor. Wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. It’s so characteristic and warm. I’d like to experiment with different shades of grey, materials and graphic prints. In my work I try to find the right balance, something I can’t explain actually. You need to feel it.

Interior Inspiration

We’ve all got a list, what are your favourite blogs/bloggers/or just interior eye candy sites?

My favourite source of inspiration is Instagram because of the high speed the media changes. It’s faster than reading blogs or other interior websites. Some of my favorites are,, and

We’re all about the Art at the Art Bowl, so when choosing that piece for the wall, what are the things you consider?

The item needs to fit naturally, but it may stand out. I love beautiful pictures or nice typography and have a poster wall at my dining table where I change the images regularly.

Do you have any favourite pieces from our collection?

‘The lady in black’ by Alexander Dzivnel is one of my favorites. I could buy this piece of artwork myself.

If I had a super duper extraordinary time machine and we could have coffee with one artist, who would they be?

Andy Warhol or Gerrit Rietveld.



Lastly, the most important question, if you could be a superhero, which super hero would you be?

Then I choose Batgirl and keep myself busy with justice and helping other people ;-)


A big Thanks to Mardou! 

Peace and Print, 


Claudia Cameron

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