Buying Art - a non collectors guide –

Buying Art - a non collectors guide

Art, wow, a very loaded word. It can take on a number of different definitions, tastes and price ranges. What is certain is that when you have art up on your walls, your house suddenly is complete. 

My mother would leave her art on the ground until everything else was 'done' in the house. Whenever we finally would put it on the walls, we would inevitably move within 6 months. Not the ideal situation, but she wanted to make sure that the art that she had collected for many years no doubt fitted into the new interior. In some cases it did, but in most cases it was an opportunity to buy more! 

The lesson learnt here is that we change our tastes frequently, just look at our music tastes over the last years, I've at least gone from Pop to Indie to Drum and Bass to finally landing somewhere in the middle of House as my preferred.

When we buy a house and then look to buy art, it is right to assume that it won't be on our walls for our great grand children to see. Our taste will change!

How to buy art

So when buying art as a non collector where do we stand? What becomes important? Don't panic, you don't need to mortgage the house (again) to afford something you like. 

Here's my helpful list to help you navigate your way through:

1. Buy what you love now. Not what your friend loves, or what your mother loves. You, what you love. Remember that your preferences will change over time and that is perfectly ok. Don't try and guess them now, go for exactly what your heart strings are telling you! 

2. Set a budget. We're lucky enough here at the Art Bowl to be in the affordable category, so you should have some luck finding something in your budget! 

3. Take a good look at your interior. You've gone to all that effort to make sure the rug matches the couch that matches the cushions. Before you start falling in love with art, take a good look at your interior so when you see a piece you can really imagine it in your house, office or where ever. 

4. The material.  What material you want your art work really is completely up to you. Think about what will match your preferences and also your interior. Material like canvas are softer, whereas if you want something striking with all the colours illuminated, you should look out for Resin. It is in the higher price category but it will make the photo or print just pop with it's high definition gloss! 

5. So how big? Size Does matter! Promise. Happily this is the easiest part of the selection process to work out. Remember to make sure that you give some space to each work, so that each has their own space to shine. But don't underestimate the statement 'Bigger is better'.

6. Compliment your interior colours. This also completely up to your your preferences. However always keep in mind your interior colours, it should always compliment never overpower. Remember to mix and match colours, but no one wants to live in a rainbow (unless there is actually gold at the end of it). 

7. What's the subject. Remember, you'll be looking at it for (hopefully) some time. So if you think you'll get tired of that face looking at you, try something more abstract.  

8. Your Style. You can just feel what you like over what you don't it's the same with fashion, or with love. It just clicks or it doesn't. Some people fall in love with photography, others love abstract. There is no magic style guide, but just always keep your interior in mind. 

9. The Artist. Read a little about the Artist to understand them, their background and their story. They are now becoming apart of your story as well. 

If you have some more, let us know in the comments! 

Peace and Print, 



Claudia Cameron

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