Amsterdam Roest X the Art Bowl Exhibition! –

Amsterdam Roest X the Art Bowl Exhibition!

Art Exhibition Amsterdam

We'll be on Roest's walls and we're loving it!

Come down to Amsterdam Roest and see us on their fabulous walls.


@amsterdamroest lookin' good! ✌️ #amsterdam #art

Posted by The Art Bowl on Friday, 1 April 2016

Don't know Roest? It's only one of the best places to hang out, chill out or lay out (literally on their city beach).

We'll be there from 1st to 27th April. See you there!

At the Art Bowl we live under the belief that art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies, student photographers etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). It’s a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our on-line gallery.

Artists featured:
Chrissie White:
Allison Pharmakis:

Peace and Print

Claudia Cameron

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