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Wall Art.

I've been looking at A LOT of interiors and what stood out today is the lovely effect good wall paper is to make a room feel special. The effect of wall paper has on the room, creating a wall art appearance. 

The not so subtle nature of the wall paper makes it a fantastic feature in a home. Albeit it will always need to be a feature wall. But with the old school vintage furniture, it will make a perfect accompaniment to any house! 

I love it so I thought that I would share my latest and greatest wall art finds!

Wall Art
Wall Artphotowall.su
Wall Art - Interior 3
Wall Art - Interior 4
Wall Art - Interior 5
Wall Art - Interior 5
Rachel Powell Woodstock wallpaper
Wall Art - Interior 6
Wall Art - Interior 7



Let us know what you think! 

Peace and Print, 


Claudia Cameron

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