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we're the cool kids are on King's day

If you've been to any King's or Queen's Day, you'll know it is absolutely THE day on the event calendar for Dutchies. Hands down, nothing else compares. 

A sea of Orange, everyone on the street, and somehow (nearly) every year it doesn't rain, although it may have been in the forecast. 

Needless to say, I've been to a few, and with new regulations introduced over the past years it has meant that large parties are not in the center of Amsterdam. It has meant a little more planning. Yes, of course you can just wander around the street and soak up the energy or you could jump on a boat and have a party. But let's help you with a short guide to where to go! 

Koningsnacht : King's Night:

1. Jordaan/Westerstraat:

Koningsnacht Amsterdam

This is THE place to go, the street literally fills up with live music, beer tabs and lots and lots of extremely happy people. Need I say more?

2. Amstelveld

An extremely fun place to dance the night away with friends. Perfect setting, there is always a great live band, and lots of people just wanting to hang out. 


Koningsdag : King's Day

1. Vondelpark

amsterdam vondelpark


Every person and their kitchen sink (sometimes quiet literally) are in or around Vondelpark. All streets that lead to it will be filled in the early morning of people selling their second hand goods, and some third and forth hand things as well. If you're lucky you'll find that dream thing, so get hunting. 

Once you get into Vondelpark, be prepared with ample amounts of small change so you can have fun with all the kids, and their genius ways at making you give them some pocket money. 

2. Jordaan/Homomonument

Nine Street Amsterdam

If you want to see the canals in all their glory, head to the nine streets, you'll find all the boats on the canals, people wandering around, and of course multiple street parties going on around you. It's always good to start at the Homomonument to fuel up with the endless food trucks there, and then go into the fun! 

3. Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest

Not only are our works hanging there!

They are having Disco Orange, where you can boogy the night away. super cool! 



3. ANY of the many festivals around the city

If you're not into wandering the streets, or you're looking for a good party to go to after you've spent the morning wandering, go to one of the many, many, many, festivals every festival organiser has put on. You are bound to find one that you like! guaranteed. 

Koningsdag27april.info have put together a very good list to help you out. Find it here:

King's Day Amsterdam Festivals


See you out there all in your Orange! I can't wait... 

Peace and Print, 



Claudia Cameron

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