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Art Gallery Pop-up Amsterdam

It's finally time. 7 - 19 JUNE we will be on the Huidenstraat in Amsterdam. 

We're coming to life for only TWO weeks! We will no longer only be on the computer screen, we'll now be on the walls of our very own store in Amsterdam. This is an opportunity not to miss!

What better than a pop-up an Amsterdam art gallery to stop by and have a look around. 



At the Art Bowl we live under the belief hat art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. 

All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies fashion photographers, speed photography, children book illustrators etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). 

It's a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our online gallery. 

WHEN? //

7 - 19 JUNE


 WHERE? //

In the heart of the 9streets (Huidenstraat 13) in Amsterdam. 



9 JUNE // 5.30 - 8.30 pm
(Thanks Damrak Gin)

ma: 12:00–19:00
di–wo: 10:00–19:00
do: 10:00–21:00
vr: 10:00–19:00
za: 10:00–18:00
zo: 12:00–18:00


We would love to see everyone there! It is going to be fantastic. 

Peace and Print. 


Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Amsterdam Gallery

Affordable Art




Kunst Amsterdam




Kunst Amsterdam



Claudia Cameron


Claudia Cameron

Echt leuk!

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