Best LA based Photographer EVER –

have you met Sallie?

Sallie is our newest and most minimal artist. Based out of LA you can feel the relaxed vibe of the city coming through in her pieces. Very minimal, very pastel and ultimately very cool artworks. 

Let me introduce you to her work, Sallie's Geometric series is just that quiet geometrical. With beautiful lines showing off her magnificent photographic skills. You can't help but marvel at the way she can see objects through her lens. 

With summer all but non existent in the Netherlands, it's nice to be able to look at some summer inspiration on your walls. 

My favorite photos are Park Reflections:

Sallie Kunstwerk

And 'Feminine', strong lines and beautiful pastels:

Digital Art Sallie


Or what about just 2 Palms?

Photography LA artist


Like I said magnificent artwork.  Did you ever doubt me? :) 

Perfect in a set and on Dibond or Acrylic finish. 


Peace and Print, 


Claudia Cameron

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