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8 dreamy small terraces to have coffee on

What a better start to the morning, than on a sunny summer day with a coffee on your dreamy balcony. You'll want to get up extra early just to sit on them as long as possible. Seriouly lovely. So here are eight inspiring small terraces that will get you inspired to create your own space. 

Terrace Amsterdam


1. Romantic small balcony

With its cute raffia furniture this bacolony is just beautiful.  A scompact as they come. Create levels with adding lots of plant and flowers around the furniture. Don't forget to use beautiful prints to create contrast. 

Amsterdam Balcony


2. Colorful day

Just looking at this balcony will bring you a little bit of happiness. Mix colorful pilloww with neutral furniture then just add cute plants such as lavender or daisies position two small coffee tables for that all important coffee and you are good to go! 

Balcony Amsterdam

3. Printed balcony

The print mix is a great way to decorate. Mix the floral print with the ethno one and choose a colorful carpet and pillows. Job done. This space will bring you lots of happiness and you will love to start here your day.

Balcony small inspiration

4. Pastel dream

I love the chromatic of this small balcony. Birght pin and yellow go great and all this colour with bring enthusiasm at the start of a new day. To add more colour, and don't forget to decorate the banister of you balcony with pretty and colorful lights.


5. French morning

For the ultimate French inspired balcony, pick metallic furniture painted and a cute round table to match. Add quintessential beautiful fresh flowers and enjoy your morning coffee with some croissants (and a frenchie :). 

Balcony Paris

6. Comfort first

These chairs are the next best thing for terraces, compfortable and weather resistant, but most importantly a stylish and comfortable option. Also, for a chic morning, pick neutral furniture and deco objects and enjoy a great day!


7. Ocean breeze

If you love the sea, use the ocean inspired colours for your balcony so you will be whisked off daily to that special paradise. Mix white with different shades of blue and you will drink your morning coffee thinking of a lazy day at the beach.


8. Green day

This cute green balcony will bring you closer to nature, especially if you will decorate it with lots of green plants. You will start your day in peace and tranquility and feel like you’re drinking coffee in a forest.

terrace amsterdam

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