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let's make beautiful ART together

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Founded by me, Claudia Cameron, you can see a highly appropriate photo of me taking on BBQing duties. Seeing as I am Australian it actually may well be appropriate. ;)

Claudia Cameron

Like my Weber? Just kidding. 

In short: I moved to Amsterdam, 4 years ago, bought a house last year and am intent on getting 'used to' the rain. Agh. 

I know it is difficult to pick art, especially if you're not an 'art person' and can't afford beautiful gallery pieces. The Art Bowl takes digital art that was perhaps was not intended as wall art. You decide how big (our biggest size 180 x 120cm - Mega, baby!). We then print it on different materials, canvas, acrylic, paper etc. and deliver it with care. 

It's the best of both worlds, and you won't end up having the same piece as everyone else, nor will you have feel you'll have to eat water and crackers for the rest of the month/year. 

Take a look around. Any questions just drop them my way! 

Peace and Print

Claudia Cameron

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