can I cook this book? Fäviken –

can I cook this book? Fäviken

So as a Christmas gift to myself, I went to Mendo one of my favourite book store in Amsterdam. I can't help but hop of my bike and into the store every time I'm in the area. 

Now the book in question is the magical book, Fäviken, written by famed chef (of Netflix's Chef's Table), Magnus Nillson. Magnus, lives in the Fäviken,Sweden, and runs about the only restaurant in town. Temperatures in winter are around the -30oC, and there is a whole lot of snow! So what does he cook you ask? Well basically everything local... yes, local, even when there is meters of snow outside! 

Magnus Nillson

So just dream with me for a while of having a 20+ course dinner, with wine pairing, in a vikingesk house, in the middle of the Sweden, sound good? Then my friend this restaurant is for you! 

I now have come to terms that the recipe book is more like a coffee table book... Because I have absolutely no idea where to find half/most of the ingredients. Let alone how to make an open fire with some of the wood required! 

Nothing can takes away from the fact that Magnus has an absolutely stunning book. And if you haven't seen the Netflik's series yet, go do it. You'll be drooling over your remote I can promise you that! 

Now the only question remains, when can I make a reservation... 

(Photo's thanks to Classe Touriste)

Peace and Print,  

Claudia Cameron

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