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**New Artist Alert - you need to see these!

The uber talented Alina Nordling, has joined the ranks of The Art Bowl's most glorious artists. 

It is just in time for Valentines day and to surprise your loved one, or not. These pictures have some serious girl power. 

The newly migrated Swede, now calls Amsterdam home. At least for now. 

Want to see some of her work? Actually we want to see if all over people's walls. But then again that's just us. 


getting in the cab




pop it up


In love yet? Well if these weren't enough to satisfy your appetite may...


diva day

diva day


kickin' high

kickin' high


All are available in 80cm by 60cm on canvas. 

Flirty Friday

flirty friday


Se seriously kicks ass, but that's just us. Let us know what you think! 


Peace and Print. 


Claudia Cameron

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