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buy affordable art in Amsterdam

So you have your new beautiful house, perfect location, decorated with the exact couch that took ages to find. What's missing? Affordable Art.

Go into any of the beautiful galleries in Amsterdam and you'll find a fine selection of artworks that may set you back an arm or perhaps a leg. This seriously doesn't need to be the case. 

Affordable Art Amsterdam


At the Art Bowl, we live under the belief that Art shouldn't just be defined by who creates it, it should be defined by it's beauty. We have artists that come from all around the world. Their works perhaps wasn't originally meant to be put up on walls, but now have the opportunity. 

Art should be 1. Beautiful, 2. Affordable and 3. A reflection of you and your style. You should buy art only when you believe that the piece is right for you! We not only have Art for sale, we have Art for living! 


Affordable Prints Amsterdam


Where to buy art for under €100? Right here

We have over 30 beautiful artists. That have produced over 200 stunning artworks. These artworks can be made into art prints (giclee) or printed on acrylic, dibond, canvas or under special resin. You choose the size and material that you want it printed on. We take care of the rest. Everything comes with a quality guarantee of 100 years. 

We are based out of the beautiful Amsterdam in Oud-West. We're surrounded by beauty, so why don't you join us. 

Come have a digital wander around! 

Peace and Print. 


Affordable Art Amsterdam



Claudia Cameron

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