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I'm Claudia, nice to meet you!

Who's behind The Art Bowl? Who is the owner, the founder, the editior, the everything? 

Short Answer: just me, Claudia Cameron. :)

Here's a photo... I'm notoriously bad at having photos of just me in them. I think I was the last person to ever take a selfie... so this is quiet a big step. 

About the Art Bowl

Now , you want to know a little about me? Of course you do! :)

I'll try do it as sisinct as possible // 

I come from the land down under, raised at the beach, with salt in my hair.  I've spent most of my 20's getting lost in the city that is London. I'm always looking for the next travelling adventure, I am absolutely determined to get to know the entire world in my lifetime. Technically I am a trained accountant (but I'll never admit it). I am utterly in love with Holland, that's why I have had more dutch lessons than I care to remember...why is it soo hard!? I am obsessed with Digital Art and all things interior and completely addicted to Instagram. In late 2015 I quit my expat job and started The Art Bowl.


If you'f like to get to know me more, I love coffees and definiely don't bite. 

Just send an email over to claudia@theartbowl.com


Peace and Print, 



Claudia Cameron

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