It's a manly interior! The best Industrial looks –

It's a manly interior!

manly interior

Sometimes you just need to sit back and admire the beauty that comes from within, the industrial vs. the leathers vs. the exposed brick. These are some inspiration pieces for your next manly interior job... I'm totally in love. 

It's the rawness, powered with the soft touches that really work well for these interiors. The lamps are also to die for! I mean who doesn't want one of these looking amazing in their living room?

What do you think?

interior heren

This marble table tis unreal. 

Industrial Interior

Look at that floor! Those windows exposing the beams. Seriously wow. 

Industrial dinning table

Who said school wasn't good for anything? This lovely dinning room table, has me wanting to go back to school. 

Man's world

The tectures in this room are just soo beautiful. They match perfectly together. 


I've been dreaking of an industrialloft like this one for a while now... Not sure if I'd also have Che on the wall, but love the look! 

1. Arflex. 2. Bjur Hager Studio.3. Amazon. 4. De Huiszwaluw. 5. Interiors by Studio M. 6. By CNS.

Peace and Print, 


Claudia Cameron

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