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kunstuitleen vs. kunst kopen (our definitive answer)

Kunstuitleen (Hire) vs. Kunst Kopen (Buy) - why do one over the other?

I've had the question countless times, do you do Kunstuitleen? The Simple answer is that The Art Bowl offers artworks that are soo affordable that it makes no sense to offer Kunstuileen. Sorry. 

Kunstuitleen is a fantastic idea for original artworks that are soo expensive they need to have monthly payments just so they can hang in your home. Who has thousands of euros just sitting in the bank? 

That's why we're all the way with Kunst Kopen! It's why we are here... so you can own your own artwork without having to worry if you can afford it, or monthly payments. 

All our prices start from €35 - €1500. Prices designed not to break the bank! 

Check out our collection here: The Art Bowl


Claudia Cameron

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