Pink is the new White –

Pink is the new White

Pink Interior

Apart from being one of my favourite restaurants in London, Sketch has put pink on the map (or should I say on the wall), not only the walls are covered in pink, they have they fanastic comic strips running around. To boot everything else in their interior is pink, I am absolutely in love with their seating from the 1920's. Their menu matches their out there interior and is absolutley amazing. If you don't have time for dinner, at least check out the egg shaped toilets and the jungle themed bar. A true masterpiece. 

This interior has hence led to the creation of this blog post and the ode to all things pink interior, to the walls, the couches or even the bathtubs. I'm in. ;) Literally. 

So enjoy these beauties, 


Pink Wall


Pink Interior

What not to love about Pink and Brass. Seriously. 

Pink Wall

Love this wall for this restaurant interior. Makes it very special indeed. 

Pink Interior


Pink Bathroom

Does the rubber duckie have to be pink as well do you think? 

Pink Pink Pink


Pink Wall

Soft pink is definitely a winner here!

Pink Interior

I look at this couch and all I want to do it kiss it. 

Pink Interior

hello beautiful, Katerina's artwork on this very gorgeous desk. 

Pink Interior

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 Peace and Print, 



Claudia Cameron

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