so, where exactly are the 9 streets (9straatjes)? –

so, where exactly are the 9 streets (9straatjes)?

We've been here in the nine streets for 2 weeks with our very own pop-up store. And have had a constant flow of tourists coming in and asking ''so, where exactly are the negen straatjes (9 streets)?". Very good question! 



It can be a little confusing, I have to admit. The confusion doesn't come by the complexity of the situation, rather the simplicity of it. 

So which streets exactly are the 9 streets (9 straatjes):

1- Reestraat

1- Hartenstraat

1- Gasthuismolensteeg

2- Berenstraat

2- Wolvenstraat 

2- Oude Spiegelstraat

3- Runstraat

3- Huidenstraat

3- Wijde Heisteeg


Technicially if you want to count the streets in the 'normal' way, you could say that they are actually only 3 streets, that are divided into three by the main cannals in Amsterdam Princsengracht, Herengracht and Kiezersgracht that run adjacent to them. 


9 streets


You can see here if you are any where between Dam Square or Leiseplein then you are within a 2 minute walk of arriving at the 9 streets. 

Now, the 9 straatjes are best known for their phenomenal shops! So becareful, if you happen to get lost in the 9 straatjes also loose your credit card before it's too late! 


Which shops are worth heading to?

- Marie Stella-Maris -  Care for water is their motto and they have a beautiful store absolutely full of creams and potions to make anyone come back to life. 

Marie Stella-Maris Amsterdam 9 straatjes


- Pop-up Huidenstraat 13 - This is the store that we were lucky enough to have for 2 weeks for our launch. Every week or two the store is transformed with the newest and latest Dutch brands. Check it our!

- Mendo - My favourite coffee book store in all of Amsterdam. Hands down the best place to by a fantastic book for a gift or as a gift to yourself. :) 

Mendo - Amsterdam

- Pompadour - I may be biased as I have been opposite them for the last two weeks... but the cakes in the window make me want to eat my own weight in their goodies.

- Velour - the best place to buy all your clothing. Technically a swedish company. They have the ultra cute store on the Huidenstraat that is just devine. 

- Bussia - we rented the private area for NYE last year for dinner. As one of the only good restaurants open for New Years eve. I had never been before. I was blown away. fantastic food, phenomenal service and all in the cutest little house. Adorable. You can tell that it's origins come from the world famous culinary city of Moderna in Italy. A true delight. 

Any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments! 

So go and enjoy! 


Peace and Print, 


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Claudia Cameron

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