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Selman's collages



Seen Selman on our artist pages? He's one of our magnificent digital artists that specialises in collages... cool huh. :) We think so. From Picasso to Hemmingway. He's got our favourites. 








Jean-Paul Sartre


Peace and Print, 

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what is an acrylic (plexi) glass finish?

So it is all well and good that you've choosen the print that you want for your wall... but then you’re lost with the choices between what is Dibond, Acrylic or Resin. Difficult decision if you can't see and feel it. 

Let me explain as clearly as possible what is Acrylic glass… or should I say Plexi glass.. :)

Whatever you call it you won’t be disappointed, it is one the most popular finish and works especially well for photography illuminating the colours, making it look magnificent up on your wall. 

Essentially it is an aluminum base, with a high quality print attached, then a 2mm thick plexi glass is attached to the print. It is then all sealed with silcon and has an integrated hanging system. Just in case you didn't know all our prints are guaranteed for 75 years. If you want to find out more technical details you can look on our material page. This is what creates the glossy finish along with ensuring that the photo is protected from those accidental bumps from everyday life. 


Acrylic Plexi Glass


Here you can see in detail what it looks like. The Aluminium, Print and Acrylic/Plexi Glass then perfectly sealed with silicon. (and of course guaranteed for 75 years). 


acrylic finish picture


As you can see it really illuminates the photograph giving it the ultimate finish out there. 

If you like this print you can see all of Dasha and Mari's work right here

We also have made the choices easier for you with our categories on which work would look the best on each material. You can check out the different selection choices here

We're in love with this finish. Are you? :) 

Any more questions, comments, better ways to explain what exactly acrylic and plext glass is send me an email to I welcome all comments, that would help make it easier. As I think do you! 

Peace and Print, 

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I'm Claudia, nice to meet you!

Who's behind The Art Bowl? Who is the owner, the founder, the editior, the everything? 

Short Answer: just me, Claudia Cameron. :)

Here's a photo... I'm notoriously bad at having photos of just me in them. I think I was the last person to ever take a selfie... so this is quiet a big step. 

About the Art Bowl

Now , you want to know a little about me? Of course you do! :)

I'll try do it as sisinct as possible // 

I come from the land down under, raised at the beach, with salt in my hair.  I've spent most of my 20's getting lost in the city that is London. I'm always looking for the next travelling adventure, I am absolutely determined to get to know the entire world in my lifetime. Technically I am a trained accountant (but I'll never admit it). I am utterly in love with Holland, that's why I have had more dutch lessons than I care to remember...why is it soo hard!? I am obsessed with Digital Art and all things interior and completely addicted to Instagram. In late 2015 I quit my expat job and started The Art Bowl.


If you'f like to get to know me more, I love coffees and definiely don't bite. 

Just send an email over to


Peace and Print, 



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have you met Sallie?

Sallie is our newest and most minimal artist. Based out of LA you can feel the relaxed vibe of the city coming through in her pieces. Very minimal, very pastel and ultimately very cool artworks. 

Let me introduce you to her work, Sallie's Geometric series is just that quiet geometrical. With beautiful lines showing off her magnificent photographic skills. You can't help but marvel at the way she can see objects through her lens. 

With summer all but non existent in the Netherlands, it's nice to be able to look at some summer inspiration on your walls. 

My favorite photos are Park Reflections:

Sallie Kunstwerk

And 'Feminine', strong lines and beautiful pastels:

Digital Art Sallie


Or what about just 2 Palms?

Photography LA artist


Like I said magnificent artwork.  Did you ever doubt me? :) 

Perfect in a set and on Dibond or Acrylic finish. 


Peace and Print, 


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pop-up goes the shop!

Finally we're on the walls of our own beautiful store in the 9 straatjes (9 streets) for two short weeks. Sad Face, then we will only be online. 

Where exactly? // Huidenstraat 13, Amsterdam 1016 ER. 

We had a glorious start to our time here with a SuperFoodies breakfast with super guests that are the best in all things interior! 

What's better than having beautiful, digital, affordable art on the walls? 

-> You in the store having a look at the beautiful art with us! ;) 

My mother told me flattery always works. 

So come and take a look at the artwork for yourself! 

Open // 7 - 19 JUNE 

Here are some lovely photos taken by Iris Duvekot. 

Amsterdam gallery art


Kunst kopen


Amsterdam Art


Peace and Print, 


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Art Gallery Pop-up Amsterdam

It's finally time. 7 - 19 JUNE we will be on the Huidenstraat in Amsterdam. 

We're coming to life for only TWO weeks! We will no longer only be on the computer screen, we'll now be on the walls of our very own store in Amsterdam. This is an opportunity not to miss!

What better than a pop-up an Amsterdam art gallery to stop by and have a look around. 



At the Art Bowl we live under the belief hat art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. 

All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies fashion photographers, speed photography, children book illustrators etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). 

It's a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our online gallery. 

WHEN? //

7 - 19 JUNE


 WHERE? //

In the heart of the 9streets (Huidenstraat 13) in Amsterdam. 



9 JUNE // 5.30 - 8.30 pm
(Thanks Damrak Gin)

ma: 12:00–19:00
di–wo: 10:00–19:00
do: 10:00–21:00
vr: 10:00–19:00
za: 10:00–18:00
zo: 12:00–18:00


We would love to see everyone there! It is going to be fantastic. 

Peace and Print. 


Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Gallery Amsterdam

Art Amsterdam Gallery

Affordable Art




Kunst Amsterdam




Kunst Amsterdam



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our Amsterdam Roest exhibition!

We had the honor of being on the walls of Amsterdam Roest for the month of April. 

Just in case you happened to miss the celebrations, we've got you covered. Take a look at our Art Exhibition on their famous walls. 

If you don't know Roest, it's a bar/event/beach/awesome place where you can sit round the fire, seat on the beach or have dance the night away on the dance floor. 

It was our first exhibition so naturally we were excited! 

Have a look at our works, on Roest's walls! 

Amsterdam Roest Art Exhibition

Amsterdam Roest Art

Amsterdam Roest Exhibition

Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest Art Exhibition Artwork

Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest Art

Amsterdam Artwork

Amsterdam Roest Drinks


Peace and Print, 




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Allison Pharmakis, have you seen her work? Well at the moment is all up over Roest! :) 

But in case you don't have time to go check out this magnificent artist there. Here is a small selection of her best artworks that we are head over heals for!

Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis


Allison Pharmakis

Rock me

We're in love, are you?


Peace and Print, 


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Amsterdam Roest X the Art Bowl Exhibition!

Art Exhibition Amsterdam

We'll be on Roest's walls and we're loving it!

Come down to Amsterdam Roest and see us on their fabulous walls.


@amsterdamroest lookin' good! ✌️ #amsterdam #art

Posted by The Art Bowl on Friday, 1 April 2016

Don't know Roest? It's only one of the best places to hang out, chill out or lay out (literally on their city beach).

We'll be there from 1st to 27th April. See you there!

At the Art Bowl we live under the belief that art should be able to change with the seasons, hair styles or even beard lengths. All of our art work comes from creatives like Art Directors in agencies, student photographers etc. so not your typical gallery artists (and also not your typical gallery pricing). It’s a great symbiosis, they give us their digital artwork and we create it into beautiful wall art, available on our on-line gallery.

Artists featured:
Chrissie White:
Allison Pharmakis:

Peace and Print

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buy affordable art in Amsterdam

So you have your new beautiful house, perfect location, decorated with the exact couch that took ages to find. What's missing? Affordable Art.

Go into any of the beautiful galleries in Amsterdam and you'll find a fine selection of artworks that may set you back an arm or perhaps a leg. This seriously doesn't need to be the case. 

Affordable Art Amsterdam


At the Art Bowl, we live under the belief that Art shouldn't just be defined by who creates it, it should be defined by it's beauty. We have artists that come from all around the world. Their works perhaps wasn't originally meant to be put up on walls, but now have the opportunity. 

Art should be 1. Beautiful, 2. Affordable and 3. A reflection of you and your style. You should buy art only when you believe that the piece is right for you! We not only have Art for sale, we have Art for living! 


Affordable Prints Amsterdam


Where to buy art for under €100? Right here

We have over 30 beautiful artists. That have produced over 200 stunning artworks. These artworks can be made into art prints (giclee) or printed on acrylic, dibond, canvas or under special resin. You choose the size and material that you want it printed on. We take care of the rest. Everything comes with a quality guarantee of 100 years. 

We are based out of the beautiful Amsterdam in Oud-West. We're surrounded by beauty, so why don't you join us. 

Come have a digital wander around! 

Peace and Print. 


Affordable Art Amsterdam



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this is THE man!

We all love minimalist design, we all love eye catching work and we all love to be transported somewhere, far far away. Well, I can tell you, that is exactly what Feridun Akgüngör does. Based out of Istanbul this magical graphic designer is making waves  His pallet of blue alone is enough to make me blue with envy. 

Currently he is the Head Art Director at Diagonal in Istanbul, creating these wonders in his so called 'spare time'. 






Like what your seeing, me too, his work can be captured in series, the above, 'air' and the series below 'beach'. 


beach house





He also does some pretty amazing work featuring Istanbul itself:

gata bridge


You can check out his sensational Instagram account, as well as his works available on the Art Bowl. 

Peace and Print, 


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**New Artist Alert - you need to see these!

The uber talented Alina Nordling, has joined the ranks of The Art Bowl's most glorious artists. 

It is just in time for Valentines day and to surprise your loved one, or not. These pictures have some serious girl power. 

The newly migrated Swede, now calls Amsterdam home. At least for now. 

Want to see some of her work? Actually we want to see if all over people's walls. But then again that's just us. 


getting in the cab




pop it up


In love yet? Well if these weren't enough to satisfy your appetite may...


diva day

diva day


kickin' high

kickin' high


All are available in 80cm by 60cm on canvas. 

Flirty Friday

flirty friday


Se seriously kicks ass, but that's just us. Let us know what you think! 


Peace and Print. 


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gifts that they'll never get rid of!

So here at the Art Bowl, we have super duper gift certificates. Gift certificates that your loved ones, or for that matter strangers on the street will love. THEY ARE THAT AWESOME! 

Because well its just:


We can promise you that they'll love what they choose and of course they'll love you forever too! Promise!  

You can shop for them here

Peace and Print. 

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mad about Chrissie White!

Know, Chrissie White? Well you should! 

It's taken a long time to get here, but we have some of the finest artists around. Including the one, the only, Chrissie is from the US, Seattle to be exact. And she is taking Flickr by storm. Her work is just sensational, very calming, sensual and curious. She is using her skills to transport us into another world. A world I definitely want to visit. 

In this piece 'awakening the spirit', I'm pretty convinced any combination nakedness, running and a beautiful forest would have in the desired result! 

Or perhaps you prefer a little 'sands of time'?

And my favourite, 'self portrait at yale lake'

We have all of her prints available here, you can choose your size and material to suit your space. It's all up to you! 

We're committed to the best quality around and so we ship from Amsterdam, to anywhere in Europe! 

Peace and Print, 

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