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The Ultimate Starter's Guide: Street Photography

Street Photography

Where to start? It’s ultimately a very tricky situation. You want to take good street photos but have no idea what camera to use, what settings, how to approach strangers, the constant question, what am I looking for? And most of all the fear of shooting in the streets.

So if you’re a beginner to street photography, you may be in need of a small helping guide. So here it goes.

Remember there is no “Right” or “Wrong” way to do it. If you find a better way or a way that suits you more, do it.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is street photography?

A very legitimate question right, what is street photography and simply put, street photography is about documenting everyday life and society. It doesn’t necessarily need to be photographed on the street. Any public place will do, think: the beach, the supermarket, or even a concert.

It’s up to you if you want to have the candid approach (without permission of the subject) or if you’d prefer to ask permission from the stranger before taking their photograph. The most important thing in street photography is to capture emotion, humanity, and soul.

Don’t worry so much about what “street photography” is and isn’t. The most important thing is creating powerful, compelling, and emotional images.

So...What exactly am I looking for…?

Among many others, these are the ones that I believe are the most important.

1. “The decisive moment”

Guide to Street Photography

Artist: Denis

“The decisive moment” was a phrase coined by Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the earliest practitioners of street photographers. “The decisive moment” is the same as the “Kodak moment” where everything comes together in a perfect moment, and you hit the shutter. So essentially it is capturing the photo with the perfect timing.

I know “The decisive moment” is a bit misleading. There can be many “decisive moments” when you’re out shooting on the streets So the trick is: don’t just take one photograph. Take a ton of shots, 10 or 30, capture it from all sides. Then afterwards in the editing process choose which image you feel was the best.

2. Juxtaposition

Photography guide

Artist: Edgaras

Juxtaposition is essentially a nice word for contrast. But to be more specific, juxtaposition is when you put two different elements in a frame that directly contradict one another (while having a relationship). Black and white photography really shows how a juxtaposition really works. Here you can see it in Edgaras’ work where there is a clear cut line in the middle of the photograph.

You can look for happy/sad moments, light dark moments, etc all over the place. Look to your surrounding and try to get a person/object that is the complete opposite. Job done.

3. Emotion

Street Photography

Artist: We Shoot People

What do you think is on his mind?

Happiness, pain, sadness, loneliness, humor, anxiety, youth, and love. Bring it all out in your photos. It may be the hardest of all the categories to capture, but it speaks a 1000 words in a single photo.

Make use of their body language or facial expressions, you’ll have to be quick enough to take a photo of someone without them noticing or changing. If you manage that then your home free. A beautiful piece of photography.

4. Graphical/visual elements

Street Art

Artist: Sallie

Some photographers like Sallie prefer no emotion, just purely visual (and geometric) happiness. They appeal to our inner selves with beautiful lighting, nice shadows, strong lines, curves and shapes of interest. I am totally in love.

5. Focusing on details


Artist: Denis

Sometimes just focusing on the detail of a car’s light can bring out some great street photography. Take Denis’ work for example. Simple, with beautiful lines, and contrasting yet matching colours. Stunning.

Some of the best street photographs focus on the details, not the whole picture. When you are shooting on the streets, you can focus on small details. This means rather than taking a full-body shot of someone on the streets, focus on their hands, their face, their earrings, their hands, their feet, or anything else they are holding.

By showing less of what is going on in the photograph, you create more mystery in your image. Less is more.

6. Urban landscapes

Steel and Ice

Artist: Denis

Note the juxtaposition between the ice and the water and the buildings in the background.

It’s not really necessary or a must that you HAVE to include people in it. You can also create the most stunning photography just by using compelling landscapes that show a refelection of the society that surrounds it.

A landscape needs to evoke a sense of nostalgia, emotion or critique of society. For example, photographing a run-down building can make a strong societal statement.

When taking a photograph of an urban landscapes, it is also extremely important to have a nice composition, sense of symmetry, and balance.

7. Everyday scenes

Urban Photography

Artist: Edgaras

 A simple photo of someone walking through the street can tell a million stories.

Now... What camera settings to use? 

I can recommend Tech Radar's article showing you in depth what to do. 


Any more, please feel free to put them in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. 

Peace and Print, 


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kunstuitleen vs. kunst kopen (our definitive answer)

Kunstuitleen (Hire) vs. Kunst Kopen (Buy) - why do one over the other?

I've had the question countless times, do you do Kunstuitleen? The Simple answer is that The Art Bowl offers artworks that are soo affordable that it makes no sense to offer Kunstuileen. Sorry. 

Kunstuitleen is a fantastic idea for original artworks that are soo expensive they need to have monthly payments just so they can hang in your home. Who has thousands of euros just sitting in the bank? 

That's why we're all the way with Kunst Kopen! It's why we are here... so you can own your own artwork without having to worry if you can afford it, or monthly payments. 

All our prices start from €35 - €1500. Prices designed not to break the bank! 

Check out our collection here: The Art Bowl


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Wow. seriously. Wow. 

This is one for the inspiration books. Swiss Conrad Jon Godly has created artworks from paint that look like you are standing on top of a mountain in Switzerland. This piece of art is almost unreal. 

He uses acrylic paint to create breathtaking paintings. While we are all about digital art at the Art Bowl, we can definitely appreciate amazing talent when it comes along. 

I feel like I'm about the hit the slopes, What do you think? 



(credit: the jealous curator)


Peace and Print, 


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vimeo of the week!

Ariel Costa in an art director, designer and animator current living in Los Angeles - CA.
BlinkmyBrain" is his personal portfolio. 

This production is perhaps one of the more creepier ones in his collection, in different chapters, with various half animal half naked men and women.

These art collages are superb. 

 Check it out! 



A small reflection of the world, now the big question is how do we get this onto an art poster? :)


Peace and Print, 
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some beautiful artistic inspiration

Because let's face it, we need some extra colour in our lives with all this rain! These are the most loved pins from our Pinterest we've been stockpiling all the good ones! 

There is a multitude of art to stimulate our senses. From comic posters to photo prints, maybe some editorial photographs, or perhaps an original abstract painting. It is quiet literally endless.

So it's safe to say we've all got our favourites, I know mine, but what yours? Here is just a small selection of different styles that make me go WHOOOHOO on Friday!



(honey on my skin)

Low Budget artwork





(Maayan Zilberman and Nikki Dekke)







Peace and Print, 

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10 of the best art blogs!

Whatever language you speak, Art (Kunst, アート, Seni, Konst, уметност, 미술) is all around, so it's important to take time to relax and enjoy whats going on around you. 

So there are always the good the bad an the ugly in the blogging world. It's hard to find those diamonds. 

It's not all about which galleries are opening, which red dot on a blank canvas sold more than the other. 

This is about good old enjoyment of visually stimulating content. It's where your brain can have a break and you can put your feet up and just be a witness to the beauty. 

So I've got my favourites, I know everyone has an opinion, especially about art! :) 

Here are the TOP 10, Art Blogs out in that big bad world wide web! 

10. This is Colossal:

Really it is epic, mamouth, out of this world. It's got everything you need and more. 

Looking for the next, biggest, bestest thing? You can check it out here! 



9. Empty Kingdom

Kingdom of beauty. A group of artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and thinkers busy overturning all the rules and trying to make the world a better place.

8. Where Cool Things Happen

It's kind of in the title right? they keep you updated on where cool things happen | Cool Inspiration on Travel, Art, Lifestyle and more Cool stuff…

7. Fubiz

Some real beautiful stuff! Daily dose of Inspiration since 2005. Art, Creativity, Design, Video, Pop Culture.

This one is one of my favourites

best art blogs



Does anything bad ever come out of Berlin, guess not! They have fantastic features of creatives in the fields of art, design, photography and architecture.


Yep, that's right 7 'O' really it does go BOOOOOOOM! It has everything you need to know, trust me. 

4. It's that nice

It really is, this blog is more for the refined taste that we all wish we had! 

3. The Jealous Curator

'Damn, I wish I thought of that' may be their tag line, but it's also my feeling towards their beautiful blog. 

2. Nowness

It's all about Vlogging people! 


And Last by not by any means least, the ultimate in time wasting and Friday scrolling! 

1. Bored Panda

 Well it is the only magazine for pandas, can you blame me?


If you've got more, leave them in the comments, 


Peace and Print

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this is the best (bio) video of all time

Know who John Baldessari is? 


Just checking! 

This is by far may favourite biographic video of all time! I love not only the content, but Tom Waits is the cherry on the cake! 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <3

And just in case you still haven't got a good feel for his work. Here are some of my favourites! 



John Baldessari

John Baldessari

John Baldessari


Peace and Print, 



(photo credit:;


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yung jake, watch this emoji ??

Rapper and all round artists Yung Jake (born Jake Patterson), is making waves for his varied talents. 

In the music world, he's been making some pretty fun video clips with his beats. Showing markedly unique creations. 

He's the type of guy that only takes interviews via imessage, and releases new videos via snapchat. He's even got fans like Kayne. 

And he's been getting his art on with some super cool emoji works! 

Maybe you've seen his celebrity work?

Jay Z(Yung Jake/Twitter)


What do you think!? 

Peace and Print. 


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can I cook this book? Fäviken

So as a Christmas gift to myself, I went to Mendo one of my favourite book store in Amsterdam. I can't help but hop of my bike and into the store every time I'm in the area. 

Now the book in question is the magical book, Fäviken, written by famed chef (of Netflix's Chef's Table), Magnus Nillson. Magnus, lives in the Fäviken,Sweden, and runs about the only restaurant in town. Temperatures in winter are around the -30oC, and there is a whole lot of snow! So what does he cook you ask? Well basically everything local... yes, local, even when there is meters of snow outside! 

Magnus Nillson

So just dream with me for a while of having a 20+ course dinner, with wine pairing, in a vikingesk house, in the middle of the Sweden, sound good? Then my friend this restaurant is for you! 

I now have come to terms that the recipe book is more like a coffee table book... Because I have absolutely no idea where to find half/most of the ingredients. Let alone how to make an open fire with some of the wood required! 

Nothing can takes away from the fact that Magnus has an absolutely stunning book. And if you haven't seen the Netflik's series yet, go do it. You'll be drooling over your remote I can promise you that! 

Now the only question remains, when can I make a reservation... 

(Photo's thanks to Classe Touriste)

Peace and Print,  

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let's make beautiful ART together

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Founded by me, Claudia Cameron, you can see a highly appropriate photo of me taking on BBQing duties. Seeing as I am Australian it actually may well be appropriate. ;)

Claudia Cameron

Like my Weber? Just kidding. 

In short: I moved to Amsterdam, 4 years ago, bought a house last year and am intent on getting 'used to' the rain. Agh. 

I know it is difficult to pick art, especially if you're not an 'art person' and can't afford beautiful gallery pieces. The Art Bowl takes digital art that was perhaps was not intended as wall art. You decide how big (our biggest size 180 x 120cm - Mega, baby!). We then print it on different materials, canvas, acrylic, paper etc. and deliver it with care. 

It's the best of both worlds, and you won't end up having the same piece as everyone else, nor will you have feel you'll have to eat water and crackers for the rest of the month/year. 

Take a look around. Any questions just drop them my way! 

Peace and Print

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