Top 10: Interior Plant Inspiration –

Top 10: Interior Plant Inspiration

It doesn't matter what you do, if you give me flowers or a small little plant I'll love you for life. So when summer comes around it is super exciting to have some interior inspiration, with you guessed it...

It’s that time of year when the sun hits our windows the walls become brighter and we immediately want to freshen up our interior. What is easier than bringing a plant or some flowers home? Ok, I’ll happily admit that for plants you have to ensure that they survive. Especially those constantly changing temperatures that the Dutch summer brings. I’ve been nursing one of my indoor plants back to life after a heatwave.

I’ve lived in houses smaller than a wardrobe, but no matter what as long as you have some beautiful flowers or some plants around you’re set.

The Dutch masters knew already, why do you think soo many of their fantastic artworks have been of flowers over the centuries! We've adapted over the years to incorporate flowers and plants into our interior to bring the outside in and to feel that warmth that only a plant can give to a room. You might even get excited about going to the florist every week, or heading to the garden center on that yearly (ok monthly) trip.

Whether it be a large bouquet, a rainforest, or just a leaf. It all creates a beautiful touch to any ones interior.

So without further ado. I give you my top 10 our Interior Plant inspiration.


1. Pot Inspiration: Grab as many varying pots and just start your own little inside garden area. Add a vintage woodworking table, so very cool artworks and you're good to go! 

Summer Flower Inspiration


2. The Classy Look: If your house is a little dark, or you have one hightlighted accented wall just buy some beautiful white flowers, place decoratively on mantleshelf, job done. 

Flower Interior Inspiration


3. The bigger the better: No, seriously. This just looks awesome. 

 Interior Inspiration Flowers



4. Ultimate Flower Power: Pink roses, a vintage pot and some candles. Seriously what more do you need? :) 

Flower Power


5. Wall Art: Ok, so you might not be able to paint this yourself... you can always cheat a little by using wall paper! :) With mtaching flowers. WOW! 

Flower Wall Art


6. The Big Bouquet: Not only does this stand out in any home, it look amazing!   

Interior Plant Inpiration


7. Simple Elegance: No need to blow the bank, just get some strong single flowers to create a beautiful and simple elegant bouquet. 

Interior Inspiration


8. Bottle me: I'm in love, get some bottles from Xenos, cut to size and you've got yourself a beautiful flower decoration for the window or as table decoration at a dinner party. 

Flowers in a bottle


9. I can't take my eyes off you: Enough said. :)

Interior Inspiraton


10. Cactus Garden: If you can't handle killing things, I'd suggest getting a cactus garden. Beautiful, easy and extremely difficult to kill... although there are always some. 

Cactus garden


Hope you enjoyed out Interior Plant Inspiration. Any more, please feel free to leave them in the comments! 

Peace and Print, 


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Claudia Cameron

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