TOP 3 places to buy art in Amsterdam! –

TOP 3 places to buy art in Amsterdam!

Top Places to Buy Art Amsterda

Ok so we might be a little biased, but we also know when credit is due to other galleries. 

It's all about the love now!

We know that it's not easy buying art you need all the factors to come into play. Emotional attachment, it's cool and it's on budget! Ah oh. When buying art I can definitely know the feeling of finding THE piece, only to find it is thousands of euro above budget... crap. 

So, if you're in the market for affordable art to want the best of the best, you should be able to find something from our list. Promise. 

Naturally we can't have a TOP 3 of places to buy art without putting us at No. 1. Sorry but if we don't believe in ourselves... then who will?!


A curated affordable collection of over 30 digital artists, with over 225 works. Launched at the end of November 2015. We're the new kids on the block trying to create a stir. And it's working. 

Everything is online. But if you'd like to check us out in person, we have a by appointment only office location in Oud-West where you can come and see the artworks. 

Buy Art Amsterdam



If you've ever wondered around Amsterdam then you probably know that the nine streets are the most beautiful part of the city. It is transports you away to a place where you can't but help but think was like this hundreds of years ago! 

Yes Claudia, but why are you telling us this? Because this is where Bright Side Galley is situated on the lovely Princesgracht. 

Bright Side, brings in beautiful contemporary original works from all over the world. They always have such a beauty to them, you'll fall in love instantly. ABSOLUTELY Stunning. 

bright side gallery



Ideally located opposite the Rijksmuseum and in the heart of Amsterdam’s arts and antiques district, Reflex gallery is distinguished by the high quality of their exhibitions. Founded by Alex Daniels, their impressive roster of national and international artists working across multiple mediums includes Miles Aldridge, Marcus Harvey, Daido Moriyama and Hisaji Hara. Collaboration is a key focus at Reflex. Every show is accompanied by published books, and catalogues featuring contributions from top curators from around the world.

Reflex Gallery


(Images courtesy of Bright Side and Reflex Gallery)


Peace and Print, 


Claudia Cameron

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