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what is an acrylic (plexi) glass finish?

So it is all well and good that you've choosen the print that you want for your wall... but then you’re lost with the choices between what is Dibond, Acrylic or Resin. Difficult decision if you can't see and feel it. 

Let me explain as clearly as possible what is Acrylic glass… or should I say Plexi glass.. :)

Whatever you call it you won’t be disappointed, it is one the most popular finish and works especially well for photography illuminating the colours, making it look magnificent up on your wall. 

Essentially it is an aluminum base, with a high quality print attached, then a 2mm thick plexi glass is attached to the print. It is then all sealed with silcon and has an integrated hanging system. Just in case you didn't know all our prints are guaranteed for 75 years. If you want to find out more technical details you can look on our material page. This is what creates the glossy finish along with ensuring that the photo is protected from those accidental bumps from everyday life. 


Acrylic Plexi Glass


Here you can see in detail what it looks like. The Aluminium, Print and Acrylic/Plexi Glass then perfectly sealed with silicon. (and of course guaranteed for 75 years). 


acrylic finish picture


As you can see it really illuminates the photograph giving it the ultimate finish out there. 

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We're in love with this finish. Are you? :) 

Any more questions, comments, better ways to explain what exactly acrylic and plext glass is send me an email to claudia@theartbowl.com I welcome all comments, that would help make it easier. As I think do you! 

Peace and Print, 

Claudia Cameron

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