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**New Artist Alert - you need to see these!

The uber talented Alina Nordling, has joined the ranks of The Art Bowl's most glorious artists. 

It is just in time for Valentines day and to surprise your loved one, or not. These pictures have some serious girl power. 

The newly migrated Swede, now calls Amsterdam home. At least for now. 

Want to see some of her work? Actually we want to see if all over people's walls. But then again that's just us. 


getting in the cab




pop it up


In love yet? Well if these weren't enough to satisfy your appetite may...


diva day

diva day


kickin' high

kickin' high


All are available in 80cm by 60cm on canvas. 

Flirty Friday

flirty friday


Se seriously kicks ass, but that's just us. Let us know what you think! 


Peace and Print. 


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this is the best (bio) video of all time

Know who John Baldessari is? 


Just checking! 

This is by far may favourite biographic video of all time! I love not only the content, but Tom Waits is the cherry on the cake! 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <3

And just in case you still haven't got a good feel for his work. Here are some of my favourites! 



John Baldessari

John Baldessari

John Baldessari


Peace and Print, 



(photo credit:;


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gifts that they'll never get rid of!

So here at the Art Bowl, we have super duper gift certificates. Gift certificates that your loved ones, or for that matter strangers on the street will love. THEY ARE THAT AWESOME! 

Because well its just:


We can promise you that they'll love what they choose and of course they'll love you forever too! Promise!  

You can shop for them here

Peace and Print. 

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yung jake, watch this emoji ??

Rapper and all round artists Yung Jake (born Jake Patterson), is making waves for his varied talents. 

In the music world, he's been making some pretty fun video clips with his beats. Showing markedly unique creations. 

He's the type of guy that only takes interviews via imessage, and releases new videos via snapchat. He's even got fans like Kayne. 

And he's been getting his art on with some super cool emoji works! 

Maybe you've seen his celebrity work?

Jay Z(Yung Jake/Twitter)


What do you think!? 

Peace and Print. 


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that face!

It must be Friday! Because I am in cuteness overload! 

Peace and Print

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boaz op de been

This post has nothing to do with art, nor Interior nor anything that you might expect for that matter. 

This post is about Boaz. 

Boaz is an MS (multiple sclerosis) sufferer and a very good friend of mine. He will undergo HSCT (Hematopioetic Stem Cell Transplant) and treatment not (yet) available in the Netherlands. It's a big deal, and hopefully in the future we can make this treatment available in Holland and not have to go overseas.

If you have two seconds please check out the site where you can find all the information about Boaz, MS, and HSCT. 

Last night he appeared on RTL Late Night! Trots! 

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can I cook this book? Fäviken

So as a Christmas gift to myself, I went to Mendo one of my favourite book store in Amsterdam. I can't help but hop of my bike and into the store every time I'm in the area. 

Now the book in question is the magical book, Fäviken, written by famed chef (of Netflix's Chef's Table), Magnus Nillson. Magnus, lives in the Fäviken,Sweden, and runs about the only restaurant in town. Temperatures in winter are around the -30oC, and there is a whole lot of snow! So what does he cook you ask? Well basically everything local... yes, local, even when there is meters of snow outside! 

Magnus Nillson

So just dream with me for a while of having a 20+ course dinner, with wine pairing, in a vikingesk house, in the middle of the Sweden, sound good? Then my friend this restaurant is for you! 

I now have come to terms that the recipe book is more like a coffee table book... Because I have absolutely no idea where to find half/most of the ingredients. Let alone how to make an open fire with some of the wood required! 

Nothing can takes away from the fact that Magnus has an absolutely stunning book. And if you haven't seen the Netflik's series yet, go do it. You'll be drooling over your remote I can promise you that! 

Now the only question remains, when can I make a reservation... 

(Photo's thanks to Classe Touriste)

Peace and Print,  

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mad about Chrissie White!

Know, Chrissie White? Well you should! 

It's taken a long time to get here, but we have some of the finest artists around. Including the one, the only, Chrissie is from the US, Seattle to be exact. And she is taking Flickr by storm. Her work is just sensational, very calming, sensual and curious. She is using her skills to transport us into another world. A world I definitely want to visit. 

In this piece 'awakening the spirit', I'm pretty convinced any combination nakedness, running and a beautiful forest would have in the desired result! 

Or perhaps you prefer a little 'sands of time'?

And my favourite, 'self portrait at yale lake'

We have all of her prints available here, you can choose your size and material to suit your space. It's all up to you! 

We're committed to the best quality around and so we ship from Amsterdam, to anywhere in Europe! 

Peace and Print, 

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david? what did Lee do to you?


© @venusmansion


So Lee Sol aka @venusmansion has taken the classic and made it surreal. So much soo that my day just became a whole lot brighter. 

Needless to say it is kitsch is soo many ways. But then again, who doesn't like boobs and hello kitty on the classic David. Thought not... 

Whether it is a Wes Anderson colour palette, or his ability to turn every day items into items of eye candy. We're going to be sticking around to see what comes next! 

Peace and Print, 


  Lee Sol - David

© @venusmansion

Lee Sol - David and Kitty

© @venusmansion

Lee Sol - David Bowie

© @venusmansion


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hello, have you seen this?

Hello, have you seen this? Adele does Nicky Minaj and nails it. 

I think it is an awesome start to your Friday! 


Peace and Print.  

(Courtesy of The Late Late Show)

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let's make beautiful ART together

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Founded by me, Claudia Cameron, you can see a highly appropriate photo of me taking on BBQing duties. Seeing as I am Australian it actually may well be appropriate. ;)

Claudia Cameron

Like my Weber? Just kidding. 

In short: I moved to Amsterdam, 4 years ago, bought a house last year and am intent on getting 'used to' the rain. Agh. 

I know it is difficult to pick art, especially if you're not an 'art person' and can't afford beautiful gallery pieces. The Art Bowl takes digital art that was perhaps was not intended as wall art. You decide how big (our biggest size 180 x 120cm - Mega, baby!). We then print it on different materials, canvas, acrylic, paper etc. and deliver it with care. 

It's the best of both worlds, and you won't end up having the same piece as everyone else, nor will you have feel you'll have to eat water and crackers for the rest of the month/year. 

Take a look around. Any questions just drop them my way! 

Peace and Print

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