Alex Tooth –

Alex Tooth

So I have two lines to write about you, what do I include? //

Digital Artist and Electronic Musician, from a little corner deep in Hobbit-country UK.

What's your favourite style, technique and inspiration? //

Abstract and colourful with a focus on portraits. Digital painting, inspired by impressionists up to contemporary digital artists.

Let's use this time machine, who are we visiting? //

Android Jones!

If you could be one superhero which one would it be? //

Gotta be Thor -  butch, brazen, hammer wielding Viking - definitely me.

technobabble - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
technobabbleAlex Tooth
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fleur - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
fleurAlex Tooth
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pluggedin - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
pluggedinAlex Tooth
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Art Amsterdam - - 1
summerAlex Tooth
From €40.00
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