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Ben the Illustrator

Hey Ben the Illustrator, what have you been up to? //

I've been working as Ben the Illustrator for over a decade now, trying to bring colour and good vibes to my artwork, whether it's for a fun art print or a serious client.  I work alongside my wife, Fi, who inspires and directs all our print and product lines, our studio also includes our little dog, Doze and occasionally our 5 year old son, Woody.

What's your style? //

BOLD, Big colour, super shapes, dynamic compositions. 

I have a pretty awesome time machine, who are we visiting? //

Keith Haring, when I was 16 his work was a super exciting discovery for me, his album cover he did for A Very Special Christmas in 1987 (I bought the tape of that, aged 11, because it had Run DMC on it). I was lucky enough to go to his retrospective at the Whitney Museum in NYC in 1997 (by now I was 21) and it cemented everything for me, in fact to this day it's the only time I've actually cried in a gallery.  I'd love to go back and meet him, give him a hug, and talk about making art fun.

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