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Berina Kadic

If I was to write to write a two line biography what would it say? //

It could say that I am almost obsessed with beauty, which is basically the main reason I take photographs and why I love art so much. My work isn’t conceptual and I believe that beauty alone can be moving and inspiring.

Let's talk style, your inspiration? //

Most of my work is in black and white, but still quite varied. I approach each photograph individually, thinking of what that particular picture would need to be it's best and I tend to work very improvised. Sally Mann andWilliam Eggleston are my favourite photographers and inspire me the most.

Let go back in time and meet the one, the only? //

Jean-Michel Basquiat.

If you could be a super hero... //

Catwoman? Wishful thinking. Was she ‘on the good side’, by the way?

// (pretty sure she was just ''bad ass'')

Art Amsterdam - - 1
pairBerina Kadic
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sparkle - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
sparkleBerina Kadic
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sugar sugar - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
sugar sugarBerina Kadic
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Art Amsterdam - - 1
abstract #1Berina Kadic
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birds - Beautiful, Affordable, Curated Artwork -
birdsBerina Kadic
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