Chrissie White –

Chrissie White

Hi Chrissie, what do you consider yourself to be? //

A full-time dreamer and a part-time explorer. I photograph imaginary stories that take place in real places.

Your Favourite Style? //

My favorite photographs are usually very colorful, playful, and a bit dark. I enjoy experimental photography as well--especially when I'm the one behind the madness. There is something so intriguing about photographing in the dark with lanterns or flashlights in particular. I love the little surprises that appear on the back of my camera or film. 

Dali or not to Dali? //

I would have liked to meet Salvador Dali. What a crazy guy!

Which superhero would you be? //

I think everyone is already a super hero in their own ways! However if I had to choose one, probably Captain Planet. But I would have to stop driving my car for that, and I love going on road trips...  

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Art Amsterdam - - 1
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