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About the magnificent artwork to the left:

Crystal Healing

About the Artist

"My inspiration lies in the discovering life as a phenomena, and in the admiring an amazing Planet we live at. Admiring the very essential things, such as a pomegranate or a stone can inspire me to express that deep impression. With my works, I try to deliver a distant look on the fragments of Nature, therefore I draw only organic objects, landscapes and the Universe. I am deeply inspired by the Universe and by the perspective of looking at the world from the outer Space. That visualization gives me the strongest inspiration for life and creation. I never draw people, it is kind of a tabu for me. I feel like all my creativity should be dedicated only to the Nature, to celebrate it's essentiality pureness and authenticity."

Karina Eibatova is an illustrator and fine-artist, born in Leningrad, USSR ( St.Petersburg, Russia ), leads a nomadic lifestyle, and is currently based in London.
Karina specializes in drawing, illustration, murals, video, calligraphy and typography.
Her portfolio reveals a versatile artist equally adept at colorful surrealist explorations as well as more traditional approaches.
Karina's work is connected to the notions of nature, peace and love. Influenced by Earth and space, she delicately transforms floral motives into her own surreal, psychedelic scenes, rebelling against the remorseless actions of society and the continual destruction of the environment.


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Artist choice of Fine Art Prints Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

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