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We use only THE BEST materials out there... No compromises!

materiaal gids

the best art paper out there, thick, flexible, lasts a lifetime.

oak frame, ready to hang, with glass, beautiful border, best quality print. 

canvas, material texture, high quality print, mounted on wooden frame, looks like monet made it himself

Aluminum (forex), with high quality print, and a fine protective coatingnon-glossy (matte) finish.

Dibond Material
Dibond explained

aluminum back - then print - then acrylic glass on top, glossy, high definition colors.

Acrylic Artwork
Acryl explained

acrylic with an oak frame

special resin vs. acrylic - winner resin - super high definition. Perfect for photos.

3 weeks to produce, liquid resin poured over aluminum print, let to dry, has rounded edges and is super glossy

Resin Artwork
Specail Harz Resin
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