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kickin' high

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About the magnificent artwork to the left:

I made this painting on Valentines day 2015 and its original name is ”being in a relationship is a waste”. It’s about everything you can do if you are not tied up to something


About the Artist:

So let's talk about you //

I’m a super energetic doer who loves challenges and exploring new things and places. I am addicted to social media and I love peanut butter.

What's your style, what's your inspiration? //

I love the minimalistic pop art style with strong colors and a lot of character. My biggest inspiration comes from the fashion industry and I can easily get stuck a whole day on tumblr blogs and Pinterest.

I've got a magnificent time machine, who are we going to have lunch with? //

I would definitely go back and meet Andy Warhol. He is a great inspiration for me since he is one of the greatest pop artists ever known.

 If you could be any super hero which one would you be? //

I would be Blossom in the Powerpuff Girls - a strong a determined leader!


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