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About the magnificent artwork to the left:

After a tough breakup, a bad day at work or a fight with your best friend and the only thing you want to do is turn off your phone, put on the loudest music and drink champagne right from the bottle. 

About the Artist:

So let's talk about you //

I’m a super energetic doer who loves challenges and exploring new things and places. I am addicted to social media and I love peanut butter.

What's your style, what's your inspiration? //

I love the minimalistic pop art style with strong colors and a lot of character. My biggest inspiration comes from the fashion industry and I can easily get stuck a whole day on tumblr blogs and Pinterest.

I've got a magnificent time machine, who are we going to have lunch with? //

I would definitely go back and meet Andy Warhol. He is a great inspiration for me since he is one of the greatest pop artists ever known.

 If you could be any super hero which one would you be? //

I would be Blossom in the Powerpuff Girls - a strong a determined leader!


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